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But just take a look at it make room for it make room for those uncomfortable feelings, I think a lot of times when people even say, hey, just gotta accept those feelings. What does that even mean? And what it means is just step back and make make room for them. Because here's what comes up next principle. Number three of acceptance and commitment therapy is connection with the present moment. Here's where things that really good. Instead of dwelling on the past that got you here the future that what might happen. He connected with the here now before engaged in what you're doing Russ Harris, one of the fathers of acceptance and commitment therapy, and author of the confidence gap and happiness trap to my very favorite books of all time, seriously points, three reasons why this connection with the present moment is such a big deal. Number one. This is the only life. We've got an I love how he says even for those who believe in such concepts as reincarnate. This is the only that we're aware of living right now or tend to have information about so why not make the most of it to be only half present is the miss half of it. And I love this. I think that if teenagers listen to this. They won't really understand this concept that he says he says lack of present moment. Contact is kindle listening to a favorite piece of music with earplugs in the ears or eating favorite food when the mouth is still numb from visit to the dentist. We miss the richness that there could be but that one with the that your legs in the years. I mean, it's. What teenager isn't going around with their buds in all the time. But what resources talking about is? If you have this muffled, these earplugs in then you're not you're not getting the full measure of this mazing music that you're listening to and I love that one about eating food when the mouth is still numb from the dentist. That's what not being present. Is like number two. He talks about right? Now's the only time that we have power given that foundation of act is being committed to appropriate values guided actions, and we're gonna get to that. In a second values piece. We can remind clients to create a meaningful life. We have to take action and the power to act exists only in the present moment. There's a saying I love that. He said that says one cannot mount a Cam which has not yet arrived, which means the future Norwich at which is already departed, which means that the past can amount that Campbell. That's right here right now. And the third thing that he talks about in connecting to the present moment is taking action means affective action. Not just any old action effective action. And acceptance a commitment therapy is the finest what helps us move in value direction. To find out which way lies that direction. We have to be psychologically present. And we have to be aware of what's happening. How we're reacting there for how it is right for us to respond and Harris advocates a demonic for act that he says a except your internal experience and be present see choose value direction and t- take action. So there's act except your internal experience present choose value direction and take action and I love to to practice skills..

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