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The dam's potential to fly given understanding of cart at future potential rainfall amounts public safety is our number one concern as we work closely with our partners the city houston fort bend county harris county and a tech texas department safety as we monitor the dams and reservoirs residence adjacent to the reservoirs aid to be vigilant because the water reservoir his rat rising rapidly thanks very much there questions we're listening to a press conference held earlier dress all decision that we're getting what the core of engineers and working with the river forecast center i'm going to address the downstream flooding potential first this is on buffalo value above all you has fallen from the levels it was at yesterday and it is currently holding steady the releases that are currently coming out of addicts and barker are not expected to result and rises at this time on buffalo by woods expected to hold steady four the subdivisions that lined the reservoir i'm going to start with parker these are the neighborhoods that could potentially be impacted based on the current rainfall and the current forecast from the army corps of engineers we encourage those residents in these neighborhoods to pay very close attention to the changing conditions and you should be preparing to leave your house at this time though subdivisions include the.

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