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I've never seen an interview even talk about this but I was actually wondering because it's just him that does everything and as we've moved more into like more of a production side of things or even trying to demo things ourselves. I wonder how long he spends on a song. Sounds like spends a long time. But maybe he's just a freak at it yeah. He says about his process that I think he works up until the very end. When somebody says that this is going to mastering and is being released in two weeks and you have to finish the music right. So He's tweeting constantly definitely okay. This has been a lot of fun getting to talk about Your Ozzy Brethren Tame Impala but we really want to get to dive into five seconds of summer. We're going to do that right after the break. I WanNa tell you all about a brand new streaming APP. That's about to become your favorite place to watch. Incredible new context is a premium streaming service designed for your phone and it's loaded with movie. Quality shows broken up into episodes. That are all ten minutes or less. Quimby makes it super easy to watch episodes whenever and wherever you are. And they've got brand new episodes of fresh original shows dropping every single day and we're talking about shows loaded with insane talent like a new season of puck where chance the rapper pulls pranks on his celebrity friends or Elba versus blocked. Where Idris Elba and Ken? Block go head to head. An extreme challenges watch offset explore the limits of automobiles in skirt or see Kristof vaults pushing Liam Hemsworth to the edge in most dangerous game. How about Sophie? Turner braving the unknown in survive. He's got all that plus daily essentials from the BBC Telemundo ease and more all from the comfort of your phone. Enjoy it all from the comfort of your phone. Download the QUBE. That's the Q. U. I. B. I. App Now or could be dot com to start your free ninety day trial. We're all staying safe at home right now and admit it. Watching a ton of mind numbing reruns on television well the drudgery ends now because killing eve is coming back for a third season premiering Sunday April twelfth at nine pm on BBC America and a EMC. So get ready. The season's going to be wild. The third season continues the story of two ferocious unbelievable women with brutal pasts addicted to each other but now trying desperately to live their lives without their drug of choice. Everything seems fine. Until shocking death sets them on a collision course once again the journey back to each other will cost both of them friends family and perhaps a part of their souls tune into killing Eve April twelfth to see what happens next in the deliciously wicked darkly hilarious and widely addictive emmy nominated series. That's Sunday April twelfth at nine pm for the premiere of killing Eve season three on BBC America and AMC. Don't miss it like bringing up. This idea of what fits within a pop format and five seconds of summer are a group that really sort of similarly belie genre. How do you think about the label? Pop is that something you wear comfortably or are unsure about. I remember the first time when I was fifteen and our songs went on itunes. The first Tom Emmer hit we played at Stott shows. That could play. Were with metal bands and really heavy rock bands because that was the only people that were playing shows and the place. We grew up so we ended up doing that. And we're just a live band. At that point so my hand will rock band pump. Or whatever like very like angsty I suppose and then out music went on like jeans or whatever it was labeled POC. I go on that agenda. I'm very young and now ago. How come it says pop on our thing and he goes no may ease English. No mate is just that's just popular. Music means lots people listen to whatever he said and I was like. Oh okay so like the Beatles will pop and the stove pipe and everyone like anything with a when you can attach yourself to. A melody is technically a pop song. I think anyway like even some of those like slipknot sums is gonNA sound ridiculous but like the melody before I forget by. Slipknot is a pop melody in my head..

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