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Section like likely goes through every team in their over under projection. You have the Packers at nine and a half or nine point three that they go over their win total of nine. So how do you see them shaking out in the division with the bears and the Vikings and the lions? Yeah. I do like the Packers. I think on paper there and pretty pretty darn good shape. Right now, I've been good at quarterback is. To this. I mentioned earlier, you know. So I think Aaron Rodgers still one of the best in the visits, even if he's taking a little bit of a step back. But you know, you look at the history of the Packers. And you know last year they had a lot of injuries and inefficiencies in the defensive side of the ball the year before an Rogers is hurt this most of the season before that they had one elite ten game seven of the previous season. So this is a team that had a lot of success to a couple of things have gone the wrong direction the past few seasons. And of course, they make big additions Gooding aim game in a pair of head rushers to that. But good old line. You have Roger stink questions that wide receiver for sure. But I think the defense is going to be better. They also have a very young secondary. They've put a lot of a lot of draft resources into in recent seasons. If those guys like it's air Alexander, Kevin king, Josh Jackson, if they take Steph or that could huge or that hackers defend. So again, I do think they're going to be a lot more competitive this year than they were last season. Mike claim from ESPN joining Chris Buckingham dollar here on ESPN one thousand. And and ESPN app. So might each year there are playoff teams that stumble and don't make the playoffs the following year. There are teams that jump up from the bottom and make the playoffs from last the first each and every year in the National Football League. Is there a team that made the playoffs last year that your projections are suggesting that they will not make the playoffs this year? And it's a bit surprising. Is there anyone out there that you think will take a big step back this next season? Yeah. I think the team I think there's probably too many conference. I was paired with the ravens in the AFC. They won that division, of course. But now all tension is on the Browns, and rightfully so there are a lot better on paper Steelers. I think their demise has been exaggerated. So they're I think they'll be competitive I actually have been taking one of the wild cards right now. But the ravens I mean, they lost eight a lot you're looking at. If you look at the top snack getters on the defensive side of the ball for them. I believe it's number one number two number five and number seven top of my head, no forth. Top seven navigators are gone. And they're very talented players. So I think the takes the step back and the offense was one of the worst in the NFL in terms of scoring point Lamar Jackson took over he obviously had struggled with accuracy. So I I definitely concerned about the ravens. And then in the NFC, I would say Seattle, you know, I had some big concerns about them last year and essentially might thought process coming into the season was this is a bottom ten team in the NFL on paper. But they have an elite quarterback though, Russell wasn't comes out. Stellar football. You know, they they can bake that he's going to bail them out. And he did that's what we thought we thought unbelievably efficient season, that's not sustainable, frankly. I don't care who you are much like much like the chiefs offense. They're scoring last year. It's not realistic to expect that again. So I I think that takes a bit of a step act. They also lost them roster talents. They're talking about trading. Frank Clark right now, which is one of their top five players on again, a kind of a barren Rosser. She gets deeper into it though. I think the Seahawks fall out, and I think the ravens fall out as well. So who replaces those teams because you mentioned the Browns replace the ravens who would replace the Seahawks for you. Who may be that team that makes the playoffs that didn't make it last year. That'd be the Packers for me. I think that Packers are the Tino faith in for a wild card actually, Dallas speaking wildcard to. I think eagles will be better and take that that division title. But yeah, I think I saw Chicago's the payment in this business. But I think the Packers are competitive enough to jump back into a wild card, and they hey, guys. They take the division to if a couple of things go their direction. That's always a part of it is injury luck in, you know, get hitting on a few players in the draft. Which is let's be honest is there's a there's a definitely a luck element to any bars. Luck element the draft especially getting guys come out and be contributors right out of the gate, though. If you know Green Bay has echo their way, they can really make a run Chris can dollar talking with my clay for one more minute right here on ESPN one thousand. So the one thing we haven't talked about the Minnesota Vikings and the division. Obviously you you mentioned the bears in the Packers getting to the playoffs. So the Vikings can't get there. Is it more to do with just Kirk cousins as their quarterback is there's something we're missing here. Yeah. They're pretty good defensive side of the ball. They're kind of similar to Chicago in that regard. Right. You know, you're going to get good defensive play. They're good on paper, not as Chicago. But they're still very talented on that side of the ball. They have a voice line. Which is definitely the biggest red flag for me. And again, not an issue. The bears. Have the Viking Line just has not improved and as the major concern areas there. So I would say that then. Yeah. I mean, Kirk cousins is a save quarterback. He's obviously offensive. He you know, he'll he'll complete a high rate of his passes. We saw that last year seventy percent, Mark. But he's extremely conservative. And we saw limit that often flies here the online combined with that conservative play limited them from scoring points. And in fact, you know, guys, I was just kind of scanning across the dig and Adam stealing and Kyle Rudolph. And I noticed that if you compare their twenty seventeen to twenty eighteen you see Stanford drop in the percentage of their targets that were well, I should say a larger share that restored dick, right? It was conservative. And that that's not really a way to generate a lot of first down too. Big. Place. I know dignity the seasons, but a lot of their work within the short area. And I think that really limited. They're boring opportunities though. Yeah. That you know, maybe shaky quarterback lake to a really weak offense of line and also a pretty tough division. Again. Detroit's a little better Green Bay better. And the bears are still pretty darn good. I think it's gonna be a tough road for them to get him. But again, I I still think they're in the eight to nine wind territory though, again, you get to go your way, and you can jump in the team that holds the greatest asset this week's the Zona cardinals with the number one pick if they decide to draft Kyle Murray how much does that change your outlook on them? You have them going over the five wins right now. Yeah. I already like them over. So I'll I'll stick with that mostly because of the defense I their defense a lot. I think that's going to be something. I think that's something. That's underrated right now that most people aren't looking at. But in terms of changing the projected win total, which is I've met five point seven right now, it won't go much maybe a little bit because I do like Murray a lot, but he's a rookie guys. I mean half of the players picked in the first round are going to be bust. We don't we don't know who but half of them are going to be busting and Murray could be one of them. So I do like him a lot. It's the prospect. I I much like Baker Mayfield last year, very efficient at college also Murray, I thought was his leg which will help. But there's a lot of fun knowns here. Right. A lot of turnover, you know, especially with the coaching staff. It's going to be afraid of quarterback who could be good who who's probably not gonna be a terrific passers or rookie. Just because there's you know league history says rookie quarterback are are are going to be you know, probably below average for the most part. So it's a it's a tricky one to navigate for sure whenever rookie quarterback rookie coach turnover. It's tough. Team to predict for sure I do think. Ours will be one of the bottoms in the NFL just because they have a lot to her to do with their roster construction. You know at the same time that looks pretty good to me. So if I could jump on that over I'm gonna do it. Thanks, mike. We appreciate it. Anytime guys have a great day. That's my clay from ESPN. You can follow him on Twitter at Mike clay NFL really good conversation there because you take a look at the landscape of the league. I we we talked about on this show. We thought the cardinals would be better than what they were last year. But the offensive line Rosen everything fell apart for them. So it'll be interesting to see if they they can kind of bounce back with that rookie quarterback and be that team that jumps up to be at least competitive this season. If you look at the pro football focus projections as well. They've added the most talent on defense from like a football war perspective from that perspective that we talk about. So they've added the most in the off season as far as their defensive their defense should be a lot better. They should be a lot healthier this year. Is that that injury pendulum kinds of swint kind of swings? And you wonder if it's going to not swing in the favor of the bears. They were one of the least injured teams last season Trubisky and clear MAC didn't miss a couple of games. But ultimately, it didn't hurt them. So you would think that just by luck. They're going to have to deal with some form of injuries next season. I know he's got them projected under the nine and a half wins. He has at nine point three win. So he has them winning nine games. It's going to be like he said, well, if you look at their schedule he has them as the the twenty sixth hardest schedule in the league, they have an extremely tough schedule this year. They've a lot of prime time games. They've a lot couple of Thursday night games. They have to go overseas for a game. So they have a very tough schedule. The Packers are going to be better. The Vikings are still a good team. It's going to be a tough season a lot tougher than if it was last season for the bears. And then you also add in the fact that with being that team the lead dog in the division there. There is a tangible pressure. That's added that we've seen in the NFL..

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