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Epidemiologist Dr George Rutherford says We do this for measles. We do this brother. Diseases where we want proof of immunization. There was a big turnout at the Minnesota funeral of Daunte right. The 20 year old shot to death allegedly by mistake following a traffic stop among those speaking activist Al Sharpton. There's a special place in heaven for those that shed innocent blood because God will use you straighten out the world, The world will never be the same. Because we go stand up for situations like this. With rare bipartisanship, the Senate has passed a bill that would help combat the rise of hate crimes against Asian Americans. And Pacific Islanders. Illinois Senator Tommy Duck work was born in Thailand. This tells the AP. I community we see you and we will stand with you and we will protect you. There's a lot more work to be done. This is a good first step. The measure now goes to the house. This is CBS News. Traffic and weather together. The Subaru retailers of New England all wheel drive traffic on the threes. It's four Oh, three, and we'll start you off downtown. Where 93 South bound. They started to pick up some momentum. You still only have one left lane opens a Cambridge to the O'Neill Tunnel. That is about to clear exit 24, the government center in the Callahan Tunnel still closed for now. O'Neill Tunnel North bound you down, too, right lanes and under the speed limit. On the pipe. The eastbound side has to write lanes closed calm after the credential tunnel minor delay. That's also going to clear up soon right now, east panics at 1 33 to Copley Square is still closed with a detour. North of the city. Work crews were done all over 1 28 wide open 93 Route one also looking good for 95 easy ride to the Merrimack Valley. West the pike, you're gonna reduce speed eastbound for 95 to Route nine. Work still happening there..

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