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And it was a big deal, and I think he was so happy about it said he was just in a good road, just happy and confident. Yeah, I don't think you here is that all about the rant right about this. Right, but I don't care. 'cause he talked to me, that's right away what a win. I'm so happy. Call dairy afterwards. Tearing ever answers his own for once. He guess what. Mickey talk to me the whole way car is a no. That's great. That's and he had a good response like this is a Christmas miracle. He was so nice. That's so funny. See, what's so interesting for you is that so Parker is like a little over a year old and when does birthday June second, he's he's like a year. Yeah. They, there's nothing like the way a boy loves his mom. I mean, it's like the greatest hugs they give you an crisis, and I think we should them a little bit more because we know at some point right there leaving us right. I still have an accepted that we don't have to 'cause he's only sixteen months old. She by the way. Okay. But you haven't really accepted it? No, I hit my girlfriend juries to say, I just hopefully marry orphans. Boys ended up marrying very lovely girls. So not orphans by the way, but no, you just want there to be happy, of course. But let's be honest. It goes with the girl's family when you're in a heterosexual relationship because the girl's family. So you know, I do think about those things anyway. So he talked to me in the car, which was great, and then it was the Katharina birthday extravaganza weekend. Right? So we took every night Thursday night was the family night Friday night was the bending HANA, extravaganza and Sunday was reporting. So let me take. So we go to bending HANA. Yeah. How how many years have you been going on forever forever. We've been going like literally thirteen years. I think since the twins were two years old. So we went through a period of time where Nikki's to have this weird aghast response to Benny honner and he loves, he loved it so much that he would like eat the soup and be in the bathroom, the entire type which meant I was in the bathroom the entire time. And after a few years I had call it and then he stopped eating the soup. We've been like. Back and forth with Benny hana's. Okay. But we used to go a lot in the last few years. You've only been a couple of times because you notice they put the calories. No, I'm HANA. They do. How do you feel like restaurants go in and out of that? Is that a law? Is it not a law? I think that thing is, is that when you have it's over a certain amount of restaurants in your chain, you have to put the calories. And I don't know if that's just a California thing, but I was surprised how decent calories were really. Yeah, I think that you know the fried rice, they do their, it's like four hundred twenty calories it whole portion. Yeah, that's awesome. That's wouldn't you expect it to be like fifteen hundred calories? Here's the thing though. When you go to any HANA part of it's the food and part of it's the show and it's mostly the show, right? Our chef sucked. They have. They do. It went through a period of time where I wanted to open one after it went to a couple of on it. I was like, everyone loves it for a birthday thing. I'm opening one. I bet you know how these ideas and a week. Yeah, I was like Iran spectrum. I, the thing this I'm going to be the biggest remember when we went to Turks and k goes, and we had the best. It was like it was like a Ben Honda, but rock and roll and they the played music It was fun. fun. Awesome. They dress up or do different things..

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