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Together visit high heart dot com slash small business today that's I. R. dot com slash small business a mile reports with Carl Tamayo and Lincoln road I still don't understand why exactly people can't lay on the beach in San Diego county I don't ask questions hello now don't tell it to the state the state is open weekdays at three on news radio six hundred logo these G. O. N. K. M. Y. P. fifty to seventy eight local breaking restrictions are lifting but most Americans are avoiding the airport I'm Pam who sell socks news although pictures have surfaced of crowded planes it could take a while before air travel recovers yesterday some three hundred forty eight thousand passengers went through TSA checkpoints that's down about eighty eight percent compared to the same day last year JetBlue's CEO says he believes we've hit a low in terms of the number of flyers getting on planes and now he says he expects to see a rebound Sox's Grady Trimble at Chicago o'hare International Airport for the first time in twenty years triple a did not provide any travel estimates for the holiday weekend the agency says record low travel is expected because of the corona virus New York City mayor bill de Blasio bending a bit agreeing to open Big Apple beaches although swimming is not allowed and masks are mandatory in a late order last night governor Andrew Cuomo deciding to allow groups of ten people together most churches and other houses of worship are still empty and president trump says he wants the re opened right now and he threatened to override governor's who keep them closed this outbreak began there has been no national lockdown instead it's been up to each governor to decide what can or cannot re open so there's been some confusion about what it's already the president would have to do anything when it comes to churches however California's governor says he is close to reopening religious facilities in the Golden State Sox's mark Meredith at the White House Libya and Syria were topics of conversation where president trump spoke by phone with his Turkish counterpart that's according to Turkey's president the two men apparently agreeing to pursue stability in the eastern region of the Mediterranean Turkey supports Libya's UN recognized government which is made gains against the Libyan national army America's listening to fox news you're always sunny San Diego Hyundai dealers.

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