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It only took until the Metro was collapsing thanks to the lockdown for us to get this technology, But, you know, the other thing is gonna make the trains safer because that was one thing that always used to bother me when when they were when you would go into areas where you couldn't get any reception on the Metro. It always one because, like what would happen if God forbid, like there's a power outage and we're stuck in the middle of this tunnel now, right? I'm sure they know where the train is. But no one will hear my panic screams to get me out of the subway because people are breathing my air, huh? So and I would need the ability to screaming and 911 operator to get me out of here before I have to, You know, claw my way out. Sure you'd hope so. But remember during the earthquake in D. C. When and I guess that's just given the scale of the event. It's may be different, but still when the earthquake occurred in DC a couple years back, I remember everybody taking to the streets, which was not. I don't think a very wise decision. Everyone just left their their office buildings were all on the streets of D. C because they thought what we have to get out of the building. So that building doesn't fall on us and all the California people were like No, you stand in the door jams, you idiots. But regardless, everybody went outside, and they all try to get on their phones to call their loved ones. And because so many people were trying to make a phone call at the same time, nobody could make a phone call. Yeah, the cell service had just dropped in the city at that moment. I thought you were going to tell me about how people were stranded on the metro and didn't get out for hours. And you're gonna make my claustrophobia even worse. Well, there was remember, it was. Don't tell me about it. Okay. Just gonna make it work. Just a little fire in a tunnel and they had to get out any way you could look it up sometimes. 6 52 W M A.

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