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There are a your mildly standing there missing their one arm from save you in a car wreck like probably should stand back exactly um no one knows exactly how many of these molds were made but they're likely said our enthusiasts who collect these and uh this one dude bill bowman who owns one and runs mold ville dot com bad bad euro there bryant it is bad i gotta say i looked it up and it's a dead domain he's got a facebook thing that he does now it's were his moved to yeah that's where he went my space and then he went facebook but there will never be another site better than facebook's on truth all right probably so he um his estimate is about three hundred designs i bet as more than that i don't know this guy knows what he's talking about he less true he counted one hundred ninety six original ones and then he said after the '60s more people started to make them they weren't just commissioned by aramark who is keeping track of these things and hidden i would i would say this guy's probably the person on earth who could estimate how many there are the closest and not just me guessing randomly who booed it's more at what's cool though also again like if you were a you could be anybody if you wanted a a mole the rama thing at year event you could it could happen sure i got i found there is a circle ville ohio pumpkin festival molder rama vig wonderful so one of the three hundred molds pumpkin from circle villa ohio's pumpkin vested the 70s another one so apparently toledo was crazy about these things because again there's ten at the toledo zoo there's the one at tamil shanna that i got.

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