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Vehicles find new roads. Join their friends. Meteorologist Brad Martin and the W B A P Weather Center. Still in the low seventies cross Dallas Fort Worth, and we see sixties up again in Denton and McKinney and also some sixties just Even south of us outside these metro loops Look for high today of 91 loader. I 70 93 for the high tomorrow we'll stay in the nineties through the weekend will cool off by the middle of next week. Right now. W B A P 73 degrees news brought to you by were them Brothers Inc. 23 families are without a home this morning after a three alarm fire destroyed their apartment building overnight. Dallas Fire rescue arrived at the meadow Wood Apartments on Met Would Meadow drive just before one a.m. to find massive flames shooting through the roof of a three story building? W F A S Mike Forbes was on the scene. One person was transported to the hospital with burns to their feet. They were trying to escape the fire, and they stepped on some fire debris that was still burning and burning their feet. That person was taken to hospital for treatment. The cause of the blaze is under investigation. A federal judge scheduled a hearing for October 1st to hear arguments to consider temporary blocking. Texas says controversial new abortion law. The new law that bans most abortions statewide will have been in effect for a month. By the time the hearing takes place. The emergency motion filed Tuesday nights at a court can issue such an order as a means of preventing harm to parties involved. Before the court can fully decided to claims in the case. The law prohibits abortion once medical professionals can detect a heartbeat. That's usually around six weeks. Mickey Briggs w B. A P News. Meanwhile, many religious leaders who helped bolster the pro life movement welcome Texas's new law, but some are questioning the movements current direction. They're specifically wary of the provisions of the law that authorizes private citizens. To sue anyone suspected of assisting an abortion with the chance to gain $10,000 in the process. They say This provision is troublesome and could fuel a strong backlash from supporters of abortion rights from the W B A P News desk. I'm Nicolo say your next update is at 7 30 24 7 coverage at w b a p dot com At the end of the day. You know, Zach, playing right guard is a huge benefit to us because somebody just secure the caliber player that he is, you know, as far as his ability to.

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