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Okay why chief meteorologist Jay Kerr no see quite weather has returned to the region as we roll through tonight will have clear skies the first part of the night then some clouds will increase after midnight temperatures back in the middle and upper twenties the outlook now for your Wednesday a lot of clouds around in the morning they will slowly decrease through the afternoon but it's going to be a cold day just low and middle thirties across the region very cold on your Wednesday night the good news sunshine and forties return on Thursday that's your forecast on W. okay why chief meteorologist Jay card OC this report is sponsored by Louisville winter Beerfest evil winter beer fest presented by west six brewing more than three hundred twenty five craft beers and had me cocktails live music food trucks and more stay warm inside the king white international convention center February fourteenth and fifty tickets only forty dollars to Christmas day visit Louisville beer fest dot com this holiday season make sure the batteries are include tickets with his kooky can depend on us to include whether with traffic on the morning news radio eight forty WHAS for what it is this is the Christmas it's a standard is not a state ever break Crosby everybody's got their but the old one a lot of it rob the one with the singing this song Brian what wondering what he's I've got a good version of the home yeah I know what yeah I know it's the rob Halford go not Christmas is very good known as good stuff right there brand stuff brand new stuff up rob Halford's.

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