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Every year first responders and police are injured or killed while assisting motorists on the side of busy highways the law says that when you see flashing lights on the side of the road slow down and move to the next lane disobeying the law can result in fines and criminal charges if someone is injured so if you see a police or emergency vehicle on the side of the road slow down to at least twenty miles per hour below the speed limit and move to the next lane to learn more visit national police dot org that's national police dot org driving rhythm all its own regular text before you get behind the wheel silencer for the better yet designated texter for more tax free driving tips visit stop tax stop racks down to work brought to you by the ad council the national highway traffic safety administration W. A. B. C. news time eleven oh five minutes on for Joe Nolan with WABC traffic and transit well if you're gonna be out on Columbus Avenue ninth Avenue actually is in Columbus Avenue ninth Avenue between twenty fifth and twenty third street all lanes are closed and again that because of a a multi vehicle accident to at least maybe three vehicles involved so you want to avoid ninth Avenue right down there twenty fifth street across Allentown found the Grand Central parkway an earlier accident cleared also delays on the Bronx river parkway northbound on the spring break if you come on up to that area again everybody being diverted off the spring break and eastbound on route eighty those two lanes are closed again today between exits thirty four thirty five there's a delay right back to Howard Boulevard in alternate side again today spent I'm Joe Nolan with traffic on talk radio seventy seven WABC look at Wall Street indices are mixed the nasdaq up sixty seven the S. and P. flat the Dow is down eighty two now your forecast from the Ramsey super weather center sunshine this afternoon or high sixty two light winds the overnight low forty six mostly sunny day tomorrow the high sixty five but there is a fifty percent chance of showers overnight Thursday into Friday.

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