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Was there ever like growing up one moment or one interaction where all the sudden you're like from pick last in gym class podcast and video series that's hosted by the US Paralympian Lisa's her people in fact for a large portion of her life she it's about payment or right leg they weren't too concerned they're like listen it's probably nothing the new kid with this weird lymph and I'm like no worries just growing pains guys but the pain got worse on my toes and I got to a point where my mood like my school's calling we got a prescription for an MRI and that was where there is a tumor about the size of a light bulb shown inside probably not me because I have all my hair like just didn't like things didn't make sense and I was like do I have cancer and she was just so nonchalant she's like yeah and I just knew that moment even though she seemed kind of cool with it like I was immediately but she and her family wanted to try chemotherapy I was in the hospital rows getting my vitals checked every fifteen minutes and crossing our options and the we're not many options at this point and he's like I can't promise them and get all your cancer cells if we don't we'll have to amputate doctors amputated Lacey's right leg above her knee after that surgery and I didn't know anything about the world of disability I'd never been around people with disabilities I always fan discount one-legged lake no problem so I go back to school yeah without question never had a question it and kids named Sirkin Oh it's like a glorified door hinge now like all right okay maybe I'll be bill the pack let's be realistic I wasn't I wasn't even picked it all I wasn't picked last they just started playing without me had her classmates reaction because I saw people with disabilities as being different than who I was and I call that disability denial and I just knew I was like I need to be able moment my life happened it was the movie bringing on came out commit those girls were so cool they could do flips they were it's like how are we going to do this and they signed me up for gymnastics classes Lisa became an all state high school cheerleader and then in two thousand seven at the University of Denver and one Fateful Day my dad and I was of age at this point just crashed my dad and somehow the conversation turned into WHO's a better a- all it needed I feel like I spend my whole life just constantly try like trying to tell people they couldn't wear anymore and I jumped six feet lacy proved her dad wrong and and that's when she learned about the Paralympics you're the same you know we were all kind of in this denial of of my disability two years old just like way overconfident and everything I'm like I'm a division here like pounding behind me and it's just people's blades just hitting the ground hard and I get my ego my pride was real bruce and I'm like I realized first of all disabled sport is not around that same time Lee had volunteered at what she calls amp camp these kids which sorry guys if I robbed you guys but except that about themselves I'm like okay maybe you're onto something Lisa within my like I three competitions I broke a seventeen year long American record how lacy represented the US in two events the hundred meter dash it to host your own podcast and video series Lisa Henderson had spent the first all she was going to help tear that barrier down so for her just have fun conversations about struggles before success and just find the parallels of motivated when success doesn't come right away in when it comes to talking about disability congenial turns out it's congenital friendly but it also has you have to laugh at yourself otherwise it would be soul-crushing so I remember waiting in line at now you can't you can't cut us she's like no no I'm disabled at the paralympics she thinks picked last in gym class can give listeners whether they're disabled or not sometimes when you can't see somebody because maybe if you would see somebody who's a uh that you've done because like your character on breaking bad from only a Games Martin Kessler Lacy Henderson she's the host of picked week Dubai Happy Halloween nerds this week don't miss a special spooky batch of has to their audience listen in subscribe to short wave from NPR you can weigh one out away three two but while I was sleeping on Wednesday night Washington DC God itself welcome back Mirrors Harry and by the Washington Post of champions after a twenty six year drought the Washington capitals nationals and if you really WanNa stretch the region you can go all the two years but I do think that it's a bit ridiculous and kind of aimed I will say this guy's it feels good to be the district I mean are they collecting chance it's Q. Okay it's somebody from Massachusetts and then the Patriots were winning especially in the two thousands early two thousands there was something different in eighteen spoiled Massachusetts even those cavaliers down there in Charlottesville it's a way to not talk about ably successful corner of this town's sports legacy right now is finally celebrating this feels like now's very convenient acknowledged mid October Bulgaria was playing a match of football match soccer with England the third time in six months that Bulgaria has had an issue with racial abuse chamionships altogether in the spring and they stopped just short of doing that instead levied a fine of eighty five thousand euros this ruling to me like this protocol and these punishments are only going to be effective if they actually I would scorch the earth I I would I would make them eligible I mean we're talking shoes worldwide with soccer fans and I think which you should scorch the earth number one it's the right thing to and in this instance the displays and just the amount scorched earth approach I do think a ban a total ban with the possibility awareness doesn't seem to work the because all kinds of public service campaigns and enlisting folks from fair and kick it out there doing such amazing job they're calling attention to the fact that the governing Aro the title of your podcast Amira's time to burn it all down yes and this is a beloved irreverent sometimes crude and into stick to sports debts bins writers and editors didn't want to do that because they've never eras it's really such a shame dead spend was a site that did that sports were inherently political and was able to walk and Chew Gum at the same time in Boards Jerry and I just feel like you know that that kind of declaration is ridiculous but what's your thought further society and then say when something that you disagree with Oh no no just make me happy like I don't want find out about what's going on in Washington I don't know what to tell you like sports are always an have always been in will always be Amir rose I don't know how you play candy land but when I do it's intensely just Berdahl down podcast and also reporting live from the District of Champions Day you would have been greeted by this beyond that blue horizon is a limitless it's not every sports fan got to experience this limitless world of sports headsets and your ipads Boston sports writer Leigh Montville a true legend in honor of ESPN's fortieth anniversary we decided to give lease com spoon now the guy named Leroy Witherspoon came dribbling across my eyes three in the afternoon the goal with three seconds left who won the ball went through sick I was screaming about something that had happened almost two I don't know where August and it is located I'm a little hazy about Potsdam I still was screaming never in my worst sports toward the Saint Louis Cardinals of the Detroit lions had I felt this bad colada and a smile in the eighty degrees sunshine I was hooked on ESPN is sports. Every day of the week I always had said I wanted it the greatest technological breakthrough in the history of mankind I found out that I couldn't nine just pumps those sports at you sports you never knew existed asked me if I didn't have to walk anywhere just turn the NUP I watched track from New Zealand that I saw three separate times Jimmy Connors Against Sandy Mayer go somewhere do something returned to the room to shave turn onset again I soccer from England Crystal Palace against Tottenham Hotspur's by to feel as if I were on a diet of honey dip glazed donuts excuse me as you there is no time nor inclination to watch the rest of television anymore I called ESPN yesterday to see what I would be missing today because my week in that motel room look ahead to thirty am sportscenter three am top eight am professional Rodeo from the skeet Texas Ten am sportscenter superstar Volleyball Cup in Virginia five hundred to follow in the afternoon night thirty to thirty five million by the middle of the eighties and the long distance future do you I have seen the future and it is Leroy Witherspoon on a sunny Wednesday afternoon by Leigh Montville the call was first published in the Boston Globe in April of nineteen. Thanks to our Actors Gordon Ellis Kelvin Brooks Sarah's Brenner facebook and the twitter at only a game NPR and just like the movies it's dark one through line from NPR the podcast where Toco Fall you love he seven feet he's five inches how he's trying Charlie Jason Charlie this week the NC Double A. Your favourite organization and likeness now this follows the whole state of California thing where they passed a bill sanctioning operate for nearly forty years they finally learned how to embrace the inevitable that's a big you're saying that this is a smoke and mirrors and is it really what it seems to be first of all every Esi Aa so the answer Aa you know they decided to bow to the inevitable and awesome is gone this has like really broad bipartisan support you have democratic fit and I I certainly sat in on the abandoned trial in Oakland for a few days you're basically an American and somebody says to you this kid point nine nine percent of Americans given that set of facts would say of course he around we'll get to that so you think this is a stepping stone draw a line now and say you will go this far and no further this curry is now out with a broken hand you got Kevin Durant is no longer with the team number it's not the time to start tanking it's time to start thinking about tanking maybe what it's a bit of. NBA News there was a rock them sock them old classic between big men Joel Embiid on an NBA court. I don't like fighting I don't like basketball fights in particular because I'm old enough to remember I threw a punch but you're talking about very big guys with rubber soled shoes on wooden floors body armor this is.

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