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Mets released gonzalez didn't take them on the trip they will have dominic smith up kelly you'll be back also so a couple of new faces for the mets how you doing my good what's up two questions one is that why the yankees need a number one starting could make it number two starter they need a number one star they need a good starter they don't have it doesn't matter what number you wanna put on them they need a good pitcher no i mean nobody who knows anything about baseball is trying to say that role mind can replace sanchez because he can't so now role mind might get to the point where he deserves a chance somewhere else to get being everyday catcher but he's never gonna hit like sanchez i understand he's having a good year with the bat this year and sanchez has got to get better with the glove you know you can't take tool fastballs right down the middle from chapman and have them bounce down the third baseline because you can't catch it i mean that happens too often with him then seafood what's up hey mike how you doing anybody pick up with the mets tickets.

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