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I do. He can also take it off the rim and push it up and transition to. He doesn't have to get rid of it. So he can create something when the games like spaced out. Yeah. Okay. Actually, weirdly a lot of Jeremy sohan questions today too. I am a big fan though. I think the rest of his game scales very quickly if he shoots it. And because of that, like if he shoots it, he's definitely an NBA starter. Like no questions asked. So I would take him in the lottery. And I think he's a really good starter. If he ends up being able to shoot it at like a 36% clip. Okay, if max Christie stays in the draft, is there a chance someone takes a reach on the potential and what's the highest that would happen? That is from NATO Jacobs. Yes, but it would be like it would be, was the question in the first round or how high? I think that let's ballpark it at first round. Yeah, that's fine. If I were just without knowing definitively, I'd say probably the 26 to 30 range. He needs time. He eats another guy that needs reps. I'd like for him to go back to school. If he doesn't have a first round promise, that's what I would encourage him to do. Yeah. Agree. I don't really have anything else to say about that. I think there's chance he goes in the first. I think there's a chance I end up with him as a top 30 guy, depending on what other guys do. And if they stay in the draft, don't go in the draft. I really buy it as soon as the shooting comes along. And I do think he is going to shoot it at some point. The shot looks great. There's no concern there, really. From draft deeper, our friend Nathan. Is it realistic that we may look back and see Kevin mcculler is one of the top 30 players in this class, really feel like it could happen. Traffic deeper loves them, some chemical color. I actually really like them a color too. I thought it was weird that like, hey, I'm on. It's a draft, but if not, maybe you Gonzaga, maybe Kansas. So this has been like another weird transfer portal, and I story. I do think he can do more offensively than he showed at Texas tech, and that was sort of like scheme based. I have to see more of it. Top 30. Yeah, possible, but I think I have him like 60th right now, so there'd have to be some jumps for him to make. Yeah, I mean, look, if he learns, the answer is, could we look back on him and he could be a top 30 guy? Yes, if he learns to shoot, he could be that. Like if he becomes a 38% three point shooter in the NBA, he probably is a top 30 guy in the class because the defense is as good as it is. Like just straight up. One of the 5 best perimeter defenders in this class. I think I'd probably take Dyson Daniels over him. I don't know if anyone else immediately springs to mind. No..

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