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Before he had moments where he played. Well i'm gonna be curious to see what happens when they bring odell into the offense which i was supposed to be last week. And wasn't you know good chances this week but obviously will see You know what what happens. Then because part of being quarterback as you know is you have people who want the ball all the time. And i think odell is one of those people had as baker kind of adapting function knowing odell wants the ball all the time At the least that will be just kind of an interesting part of it I to me i think. He's a franchise quarterback You know and maybe because they run the ball a lot people sort of are waiting for him. But i don't know. I feel like we've seen enough where we say you know. I don't know if he's patrick mahomes. Or if he's matt ryan right. But i do think we have enough to know that. He's a franchise quarterback all right. I got the texans in my. I got everybody in mind. We we overreact. And maybe under react to some overreact to some in the first week or so the season wendy you after all these years of covering the sport. When do you know or wendy. You kind of say okay. I know the identity of this football team like the texans if they were to go in and win. Do you have a better idea or will we still be a little bit over overreacting after two weeks when wendy you know and say okay. This is the time. I know who this team is right. Now i think for the texans who everyone in the world thought was going to be horrendous and go seventeen you know. They may not be a great great team. But let's just assume they win this week then at the very least everyone would be like okay. They're not terrible. Maybe necessarily had some idea of what he's doing. Which you know is obvious but people. It was a rough season. I'm sure texans fans were out of their mind but he got this job for a reason. He's been very good in his career for a reason and maybe he knows what he's doing. So i think for the texans. It's a little different for teams where we kinda like weren't sure like the hours on the car. That's a good example. Big blowout win a lot of good feeling. They also started really hot last year. Then really tell after down the stretch. So i'm not sure we all will be like. Are the cardinals have made it until we get a lot cheaper. Because we've seen some of this last year than team eventually ends up saving. You don't want that to happen what. Nfl coach. i don't care if it's a head coach that gets in trouble or people you know they kind of start to lean towards urban meyer. If it doesn't work my alma mater. Usc or assistant coach. Who will be nfl. Hot names for that job. I don't think anyone Honestly because you know if you hire a coach in the nfl you're waiting till february. This job that's open today. You know no college team is gonna wait for anyone until february. It's just the way. The recruiting cycle is the early signing day. it's just it's it's never gonna happen. I mean so like especially if you have. You know an assistant coach. Whose team is in the playoffs. And you really really waiting. Long time. I just to me. I don't think it's realistic And i'm sure there'll be some headlines about it but doesn't seem realistic to me. It's a it's a plum job. They should hire a great coach. They should hire the best up and coming college coach. They could I think that's probably where it's going to say if you were. Us would you consider bill. O'brien if this continues to roll for alabama. Absolutely i would say i would consider him regardless of what happens in alabama. I mean i think to me that's that would be easy Easy call. I think bill ryan is a great coach was a good coach in the nfl until he got heavily. Involved in personnel. And then it really started to kind of fall apart. But i still don't think that has anything to do this coaching. He was very good at penn state. I think he will recruit very well I i mean to me that'd be that'd be an easy great higher for usa. Let's hope so brother. I'm tired of going. I mean i love clay hilton as a human being that it was time. Let's i mean there's no way time. Yeah it was. It was and i think the coal thing you know trying to give a guy a full season a chance with fans and he was under contract. I know the buyout and all that. But he's got plenty of money real quick before. I let you go if they go to and fifteen and you start to see this trend. Sc comes in and says we'll pay you seven years and we'll give you seventy million bucks. We'll go jimbo. Fisher type contract on you would urban meyer go. I would be. I you know i would never say never about anything right. I would be extremely surprise. i would be just. I would be very very very very like i. Don't see why would i mean. Honestly he probably could have got it like let's say urban meyer last year when. Us's kind of making the decision do they keep going out and do they. Not you know. Don't you think they sort of reached out to herb at some point. We'll i came in. Would you be interested like he could have had if he'd a pie his agent. What to call it. Said i want that job and i think he'd had it i. I'm with you. I don't think he's gonna. I don't think he also wants to admit failure right away in the nfl. I think he thinks he can turn it around. I don't think there's a chance in hell. Urban meyer czar coach now if he was still working at fox different story. But he's not and so. Yeah maybe that's exactly right. Maybe i think he's where he's going to be in. This may be his last head coaching job. But then again we've heard that movie before seen it. Should i say heard that before. But you're right somebody with energy we'll see you that is it's a good higher by and they got money in great stuff. Brother will look forward to it next week. Appreciate you joining us as always my man. 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