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Seventy two degrees in victorian atlanta next weather traffic update less three minutes we're learning more about the murder of a prominent divorce attorney and barco county carterville police lieutenant mike for tells channel two action news the attorney didn't know that he was coming in the doors were opened for business like they typically would be and that's when the suspect came in and fired three shots antonio mari's murder came hours after divorce was finalized between twentieth client walter radford radford later killed himself at his ex wife home investigators admit they can't find some evidence for the murder of a black man thirty five years ago in spalding county that evidence was sitting around warehouse or an evidence locker since nineteen eightythree and when investigators reopened this case they discovered as much as half of that evidence was missing including timothy caucus bloodstained sweater channel two action news reporter richard elliott says frank gephardt is on trial for cottages murder witnesses claimed gephardt bragged about killing coggins testimony money will continue today you could see the stream on wsbradiocom protesters take to the streets for the second straight night in east pittsburgh pennsylvania after a white cop shoots and kills a fleeing black teenager were reported earlier it was the officers first night on patrol he says he was had support from local law enforcement antoine rose was at a car wanted for an earlier shooting guns were founded saiva roses family attorney says he didn't pose an immediate threat an army recruiter is charged with having sex with an underage girl he met during a recruiting event at newton high school twenty six year old brandon ross faces several charges including statutory rape giving alcohol to a minor students says ross asked for her phone number even after she told him she was under sixteen ross was later arrested at the army recruiting office in peachtree city yet another embassy workers but affected by a mysterious help issue in cuba in all twentyfive people workers at the us embassy in havana have been affected the latest case a worker a diplomat recently vacuum from cuba after reporting symptoms ed donahue reports a u s consulate worker china has also been affected symptoms among the twenty five patients include concussions but investigators previously thought a sonic weapon was a fault wsb time is four forty two wow this is gonna be busy weekend in atlanta braves back home a home stand against the baltimore orioles begins this evening at suntrust park when stripers take on columbus cool field this afternoon the manhattan transfer is at seventy hall tonight at ten macron faith hill lead infinite energy arena on saturday night looks like that'll be the biggest concert of.

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