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Six years since avert has been around. But you only need to listen to one the latest one to get caught up on everything. In tech news virtuous is on apple podcasts. Spotify everywhere else. You listen to podcasts. Check it out. Will welcome TV. The big big boy podcasts. I am Dan Zuta joint here by Chris flunk? Chris how you doing today? I'm doing the specially well today we have fries for everyone. We do. We have a guest someone who's going to break down a bunch of wide receivers with us and that is net Hormann writer analysts of Yahoo. Sports dot com also known for reception perception, which you can find on fantasy footballers dot com met. Thank you for joining us. Thank you so much guys. And yeah, I mean, this is obviously the perfect podcast to be talking about wide receivers as as this particular team is very much in the news right now for for big wide receiver, moose, I think we will have a lot to talk about a lot of different angles on pack. Your this morning. You had said you didn't wanna spend an hour on your own podcast trashing the giants. So we thought you give you ours. I appreciate it. Yeah. I don't wanna I don't wanna spend an hour. Trashing the giants on my own podcast. So I'll go on different ones and like spend fifteen minutes here fifty minutes there. I think that's a much healthier way to go about it. Yeah. Well, we we spend quite a bit of time doing that. Especially over the last couple of weeks. So let's start with what has gotten us to really talk about wide receivers because about a week ago. We wouldn't have thought why receiver would be something the giants would need to think about but it will be going forward. So let's start with Odal Beckham. Now, I think one thing when you of cover a team, I think is especially to fans you kind of lose context around what else is going on league wide. So you kind of over look some of what is happening on your team. So just as someone who wide receivers more as a whole just tell us how rare owed L Beckham junior is. I mean. I mean, unbelievably rare, which is why this trade is so startling an especially given what they got form, which I know. Dave Gettleman quotes were hitting the Twitter timeline this morning, and he was pretty much saying it was an offer they couldn't refuse. Dave. I mean, I think you really could refuse amid first-round pick the not just the earliest Brown's third round pick. But the the second third round pick that they owned this coming year and a box safety who's basically just the downgraded version of the guy. You just let walking free agency. I think you could probably have have refused that offer. But again, that's just my opinion. But going back to Beckham I mean, yeah, this is a player that I don't say this for too many players, but he is on a clear hall of fame trajectory, and I say this for not many players in the NFL either in terms of wide receivers. They're very few guys that I think actually truly dictate coverages, you know, obviously beyond just your vertical threats who make teams adjusts. Deep down the field passes that are gonna be coming from teams number one receivers at really dictate I have to double these guys on a decent portion of their routes..

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