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Mike. Quarterback. No Schroeder to silver spoons. All right. We've got a winner. Brad. Thanks for playing. We don't have any any prizes for you. But we do have from my own prize closet. Keith Kenneth rather. I've got a twenty five dollars target gift card. So hang on the line, Chuck's and get some information for you. Congratulations. Thanks to Mike and rainy millennial match game. Always fun. Let's go back to Super Bowl. Fifty three coverage. Ian O'Connor joining us now on the Mark Arum show. One of the few select people that I can actually say are more famous than me and went to mayors college. It's a small list, but it's a list nonetheless, Ian, O'Connor the fantastic sports writer joining us on the show. How are you Mark? How are you? Great to meet you a big fan of yours for years growing up in Connecticut used to read your stuff. And now you got a book coming out right around SuperBowl time talking about who. I call the greatest coach in any sport in history. Bill ballot. Check, I agree with you. And if they win Sunday night as I suspect they will. I think it's the greatest dynasty in the history of American team sports, college or pro because in college when you look at Nick save. Been Gino Auriemma John wooden. You name it every year. Those coaches can go out and recruit the best players in the country wherever they want. That's right. Chick in the pros when you win you get punished and you pick from the bottom of the barrel. So if he gets the number six in that sport, which is designed to prevent dominance. I think he goes to the top of the mountain. Yeah. The push for parody NFL doesn't even impact. And that's what separates him is. The fact that you know, there's no other team that consistently can do anything close to the patriots have done in this long run. That's right. And a lot of it. If you look at his college drafts, Mark he's had some hits and misses and everything in between. They haven't been that impressive but veteran free agents and players who've been cast off and other organizations. He finds a strength or two in those players emphasizes those strings and plays away from their weaknesses. Never asked. Anyone to do something? They physically can't do Rex Burkhead perfect example, most of American never heard of him with the Cincinnati Bengals. And here he is a Kansas City scoring the two most important touchdowns on the season. Right Bella chicks careers coach has been in New England. Anyway, has been about a thousand rexburg heads. And once that with the falcons involved in the Super Bowl, of course, which is a sore subject. It's obviously they're down Twenty-eight three. They win the game greatest comeback ever. Those last two scoring drives combined for about eighteen plays one hundred sixty six yards. Seven patriots touch the ball on those two drives. Yeah. None of those seven was drafted in the top one hundred of his draft class insane. You know, Connor joining us on the Mark Arum show new book, it's called ballot check ballot. Check the making of the greatest football. Coach of all time. What really stood out for me this year, you talk about Sony, Michelle he drafted, right? We knew how great he was here being the home of the Georgia BULLDOGS, but you got guys like Cordell Patterson. You talk about a cast off who filled an amazing dual role in the in the return game and in the running game. And James white who just you know, catches everything throw at them. Try James white fourth round pick Patterson moved into the backfield and use as a running back a featured Horning back for a while. And so even Chris HOGAN, he was a basically a college lacrosse player. Now, he's not a great receiver. But at times, he's played great. He. He played great in the AFC title game victory over the Steelers a couple years ago, he had over two hundred yards Jerry Rice out there sky played one year of college football at Monmouth. So he has Wes Welker west Welker and HOGAN are cast offs from AFC east teams. So it's amazing. What he how he sees talents in players that others don't see as a die hard giants fan. And I was at the Super Bowl in Arizona when when David Tyree made the helmet cat, forty two. Ended that undefeated run. So I mean, I'm giants blue and through as much as I despise the patriots. I have absolute nothing but respect for ballot. Check and Brady, and I don't see how they lose the game on Sunday. Well, the way they lose. It is the way if the Rams play like the giants played in those two games. And the Rams do have that defensive front like the giants. Did that can get pressure on Brady up the middle? He does not on the edges. He can step up. He doesn't mind that so much but up the middle and the giants did that to him in those two games and the Rams have Donald ensue. So there's a possibility they could blow up the offensive game plan. I'm not I don't bet sports, but I wouldn't bet against a bell. I wouldn't either. But everybody said that last year too, and they lost to falls and Peterson's, right? Who who thought Brady and Belgium will lose to that combination? Now, you look at McVay in Goth, you say are they really going to Pete Brady and Belichick, but you have to give them a chance physically on paper. They are the more talented team. But I can't see the patriots losing two Super Bowls in a row. Oh, Ian, great to meet you, go red foxes. Absolutely. Rick Smits NBA when I was there and not much sense in basketball and men's basketball. But I think we'll get back. Right. I think I'm number four behind you Smits Oreilly, and I might be the fourth most famous mayors grad..

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