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Oh my gosh. But but you know I love this about your vision operation kindness and it is this a world where all cats and dogs have loving responsible forever homes. And I do feel it so important to find loving homes, but a responsible home is just as important to. So how does operation kindness prequalify those that are wanting to adopt? We believe that so many people had the capacity to be responsible pet owners and our role in operation kindness is to educate them and provide the resources that they need to make that possible. There's really been a shift in recent years in animal welfare to try to break down the barriers to adoption so that more animals lives can be saved in shelters. The. Reality of the situation is that if you're GONNA get pets we want you to adopt, and so we wanna make that process. Know an easy within reason as possible. So our adoption counselling process, really conversation based and very welcoming the what we WANNA do is to help you find the best pet that fits your family and your lifestyle and when people Kinda they may not be sure what that looks like. But our team our experts and they're gonNA give you on that path. You know some adopters anything they're bringing home a pet for the very first time and they don't really know what to expect, and so we're here. To prepare them for what that will look like so that they can be successful. You know what if potty training will flake or how do you keep your cats and scratching the couch you know we can help you with all those types of questions, really the animal and the family gets set up for success and how do you stop your cat from scratching everything in the House I would love the answer to that because it's a real problem in my life. I don't know what to do. Well we do have resources on our website for it, but there's a couple of different things you can do and the one that has been really successful with my cat is providing an alternative that's right nearby the couch. So if they are always scratching the same side of the couch, if you put a little scratching like a sicel scratching post, right next to it and encourage them maybe. Russell catnip on that give them a better alternative than they couch and an a positive outlet of will you? Can you still want to scratch right? That's very natural instinct for cats it's just scratched their claws. So giving them, the appropriate place to do it is is pretty important. Well, yeah, and trimming their nails helps for sure but it's hard to stay on schedule with eleven cats. One is hard enough. Yeah. Oh, they're they're little tyrants in the morning when I get up I'm like I. Know You want it they just WanNa. Be Mad. They're not talking to me they're like you know. Just griping until I beat them but I love them all so much I do and as I said at the opening of the show, they add so much to my life. And animals just do you know they can teach us so much about kindness and just loyalty and perseverance so many lessons we can learn from animals right? Absolutely and I think they're especially during this. What is it a really challenging year for all of us? A source of comfort and companionship and I think we're all finding now that we're spending more time with our pets than we ever have before and so really strengthening those bonds and realizing value about relationship. Yeah and what's really important? I. Think. That's what a Cova is taught the world. What's really? and. How can listeners help Natalie I mean in a word, it's it's donate honestly operation kindness exists because of primarily individual people supporting us with whatever they can give. We don't receive government funding or like that. So you know it's really individual people who are like we talked about giving that monthly donation of five dollars There's a lot of economic uncertainty this year, but the animals are still in need you know they have no idea that a pandemic is going on and so we still need to be able to provide their food and their medicine and everything that they. Might need and you can also make donations of goods to the pet food pantry at that something that really speaks to you right now we need mostly canned dog food and canned cat food and it can be any type any amount anything we just that it's unopened and that will go to those families who are in need right now. Wow. Thank you so much for the work that you do in our community. All of you at operation kindness I know I personally appreciate it and I'm there to support you. I will start making a monthly donation to you guys as well. And just. You know we all have to do our part to keep this world. To, keep it straight right. And Entre are absolute pleasure that we have because we love the animals and they you know reward us every day. Absolutely. Absolutely Natalie. Thank you so much. Have a great weekend and I hope you'll come back. Thank you left you. All right everyone. The show is continuing on. We have another amazing woman. Her name is Cindy o'mara and she is an internationally acclaimed nutritious. Cindy is an internationally acclaimed nutritionist author and documentary maker. I might a hula-hoop a little too long last night junior. We're.

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