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Remember that always always persevere. Like Jimmy said, never ever give up and you might Bill fans back home. I love you and everybody. Here's tonight into Jimmy v. foundation for an humble me which which ward a love y'all. You know, Jim Kelly? Well. Obviously, I love them. I mean, and I don't know too many people who who don't love them and and it was a wonderful speech. If you knew what he'd been through, I think people to some degree. No, you wouldn't wish on your worst enemy, what he has been through recently and over the years, but he has maintained about as positive spirit through at all. As you could ever imagine anyone doing and you hear a little bit of wine. His support system is remarkable, but I will just say this gym our bed is on this year, Jetson bills every single year. I'm looking forward to the bison meat or whatever it is that you're going to send me when the jets beat buffalo both games this year. No, I it just when you see him and you hear him talk and he still has that fire and he still being a leader. He is sitting up there as an example for leaders to come. And I think for him to give that speech win with Aaron Rodgers with Russell Wilson with all of these guys that are going to be following him, you know, in into the hall of fame into the next stages of their career to have him be that type of example, for his family and for the fans. I think it was an amazing speed. He fit The the. city of buffalo hard hard working working class, love the bills, cold weather, didn't matter of fight through on the field. He's always shown that toughness and perseverance our best to the great Jim Kelly osmium there last night coming up, no bigger news this summer than LeBron joined the Lakers RJ says it was not the most consequential move. He'll tell you what tops that list. That's right. I like that he's coming up next and also have goes back at it. Evil hembo perhaps Kawhi Leonard has twice been named first team all NBA, which leaves us to trivia true or false rappers been around since the mid nineties. No Rackers players ever been named first team all NBA your answer. Get up a sneaky question that one is evil hembo at his most even. I like that..

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