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Back to episode one, hundred, thirty, nine of love that album podcast and I think this is the first time I've had a musician come back for a second go round on the program I mean I've had a lot about the in his talking about favorite albums. But the first time I've had a musician comeback to talk about his own works I guess I didn't suck too much last time I'm talking about the. Wonderful Singer Songwriter bandleader Mr Charles Jenkins Aka Chuck Jenkins Willoughby Charles Little Chuck Brand in kkob me our let's go with shows like I will do that. Well compared to the program. It is lovely to have another chance to speak with you saying that you have gone and released an unexpected trait for US music eleven fans in Melbourne with the new album. No weapon that love. So congratulations on getting that scream hands album. Instead in years of head now month or two to live with into my ears. It certainly cents songwriting wise way to go China Liftoff, and yet you've released a lot of other music in that time with the Chicago's and you've had a hold of other life experiences that would have changed you in the last thirty years. It becomes songwriting mentor. You've got yourself a master's degree in songwriting or lyric writing which I want to get. To in its own right and as you mentioned in the film that WanNa talk a little bit about later run that you had an aneurysm in the last few years. So all this I mentioned affected how you've gone written songs but musically, the album dust still seem to Santa made like a beautiful continuation from the good China and this isn't even taking into account yet what Doug and small and Marcus would have been doing the debating. Did you consciously approach during this new group of songs in a different way to how you gone recorded for the ice hands before physically Mars. Thanks for having me back show. It's the real who the appreciate your time you'll research already is to be admired. Let's see. I was surprised. It was saying is I didn't think it was that long together a few as in non squamous go together Record for nineteen ninety something should we did a twenty th anniversary on Arctic we'll say even be dany anniversary knife. So we will plane and we started to him at his record Hueys Guard and. I think in two thousand, seventeen myself Chevallier's put out a radical last holroyd..

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