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As third by jamie king news all the track and more his ride in very very defensively but he's working so far hold enough in jackson hold off saimaa plows phone now is all jack's not a look down the inside turn nine that was through outs a long straight i come jamie king in jackson clouds nothing between them the gap between first and second just wanting avi claridge for point sakes the fastest lap of the race derisively joshua of late baking short workaday thrice cpac the number thirteen has gotten pas danes kind of place five cannot in tens as yellow flag down at turned number five that is on the exit of turn far just wasting survey joined the bikes up running just waiting as a bake failed by scaring failure got away just a little bit to try i'm able to join the second such as they pay this race phonetic found being set by just worldly i forty seven point seven nine zero and three point four seconds our head of the hobby climate that place are still jamie king versus in jackson downs will turn number one really having to move by defending senate putting shirring on explaining why he is reigning champion in this cast great using the transition left and right attends two and three getting a little bit out of shape but holding the position only slightly sidebyside won't say gain around the outside free jackson kenny get publicize jamie kings holding these cars up and saw him in clouds on the team by he's actually close in on them all four and five allstar around for simon six tenths of a second quicker than sam clouds so everyone is telescoping together hey i think we're in for traits this rice goes and so it's second half so halfway very joshua walney leads of harvey jamie king only just ahead of in jackson and sometimes simon clouds in six ahead of harissa fest team motin bites.

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