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So you can do that. That's the most however kind of passing there is. I couldn't agree more and especially right now. Oh my goodness There's just so much contempt out there Among so many people. But you know in in the book you talk about Sobriety going without substances and meditation is going without thinking solitude is going without other humans and shibat is going without working and absence is going without sex so many men can't even imagine that so no seriously and i did want to go there because i think it's i. Do i think that. I you know i have friends that that you know the male friends that think that my goodness if they have to go a day without that wow and they don't see it as an addiction away to if you can step away from it how you can have personal growth. It's not something that you absolutely need every day to survive Like a lot of things that we're talking about including television. I found so interesting in your book that you turn off your television twenty years ago. So many people have their television all the time right. It's really incredible when you say well. I feel like want this all the time and the wants become needs but it's not really a need what i discovered through the course of studying our ourselves. Is that all lifeforms. Follow these basic rules including us in the first rule is you've got to run away from or kill or hide from anything scary and you do that because we're wired as animals about us you drop everything and you deal with that and unfortunately if an election feels scary or going to feel scary. It messes up your priorities. The second thing we do is we're wired to eat everything because our ancestors definitely had famines and the third thing we're wired to do if the first one is food of the first one fear the second one's food the third thing that all animals have to do to reproduce that's also an f. word you know what that is now. Let you know what it is it's for. I don't know what you're thinking. Yeah yeah yeah. I was listening so intensely. I just kinda yeah i i am my gosh so you did. Make me blush yeah. You're just so funny. I'm looking at bring this up your your ear perennial sunning. This is from a year ago. What what in the earth made you think of that. But i you know. I was thinking as i was looking at it thinking. Okay it makes sense. You said that. It increases testosterone is that because of the vitamin d. That the testes are getting from the direct sunlight. Most most people don't sunbathe. Then have that area of their body exposed but right. There's a study that shows that if sunlight strikes directly on the testes that it increases testosterone production very meaningfully. And it's probably because all of the light from the sun especially the red and infrared are stimulating. The might contract in the cells there. And so i put a picture a tasteful picture on instagram about that mostly because it was funny. I don't actually lay out your son. You know with my junk out there very often. It was on a beach was a private beach and it was picture. No i thought it was just incredibly funny. I'm glad that you know how important is a sense of humor by the way to get through this thing called life. It's actually shown in multiple studies having a sense of humor. Being able to laugh at yourself and that things that otherwise would be scary. It increases the hormones and make you live a long time and it decreases inflammation and. it's funny. You can see two people. They're walking one of them falls down in the bud and start swearing and the other one falls down in the mud and starts laughing. They both got dirty. What was the difference between the two. The difference was how they programmed their thinking and one of the things that i decided to do in the course of of the research. That's taken a long time for fast this way. I said there are things. That really aren't funny to me and things that i feel like our deadly and one of them was being alone and the other ones being hungry. So i hired a shaman. She dropped me off in a cave where i was alone with no food and no humans for ten miles in any direction and spent four days just sitting with that and i structured fastest way all about okay. What goes through your mind and what goes through your body when you're doing this and it's great because you realize a lot of the things you think you need are not requirements at least for a little while and teaching yourself to feel safe and calm is life changing. It takes away a lot of weight from the world and that makes space for having a sense of humor. Yeah no it does. And it's empowering. I'm only on like i don't know what our from fasting but i haven't fasted for three or four days in a very long time but your book has inspired me to do so but there is something very powerful about having control over your mind and yourself and we're gonna go to break real quick for a quick identification station identification more coming up with dave asprey. Everyone stay tuned. You're listening to one life radio.

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