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A great manager with Bruce Bochy, obviously, but you had one way of doing things your whole career. When you have a new manager come in, and a new coaching staff come in. Everything changes and you watch how veterans handle it. You watch how how they adjust to the new regime and what we watched last year with Crawford and Brandon Belt was remarkable. As to how they adapted to the change and it it wasn't quite as dramatic is getting traded to another team. But it's pretty dramatic. When all of a sudden you've had your security blanket that you've had your entire big league career taken away. And now you have a new A new group come in, and I thought the way that they handle that was remarkable. So I think that there's a lot left in the tank with with Crawford. I think there's a lot left in the tank with Belle. And and I do believe after what we saw last year in early spring training, there's a lot left in the tank with Buster Posey. So intriguing conversations. Yeah, it is, And I mean it just really startled. I was like, Whoa, but it's it's out there that they had. I guess Glaber Torres did not win them over at shortstop. They could move him back to second. Then they'd have to move. Let Mayhew somewhere but Anywhere, just just one of the first hot stove rumors to percolate. Make another one that cropped up I want to ask you about is the and this guy you could talk to us about. And this is something we talked about a lot with Pablo Sandoval through the years, but also maybe I don't know if you saw this with players Throughout your life, and I think Rick Russell comes to mind, too. But there's a story out now about Vladimir Guerrero Jr. Who we all think it's just, you know, unbelievable player and you would move heaven and earth to have on your team. It is now revealed that when he showed up at summer camp He was he was £30 overweight is up to 2 80. And he's now apologized to his team. And said he got back into shape and he said he's eating better now, But he's only 21. Mike. You wonder you worry about that. And it just gets me thinking about light weight problems in the in Major League baseball team. This is there are players who battle it all their lives and He's battling in a 21. That's a little bit alarming. Well, it is and first on regressive it. What is it about him? That makes you say he's great? But first, I just his swing When I look at his swing, I'm like in love with it. It's the most vicious hack and I think it's a Power hack, and I like a like a power hitter. Yeah, but what has he done? I mean, he hasn't done anything with 20. She hasn't done anything. I mean, really want more bombs, and he comes in with All the hype it and I think he's got rushed. I think that you know he was given the the title of chosen one early in his career, which I don't think he really I don't think he really earned it. I don't think he really went to the minor leagues and put up the kind of numbers that would give you that type of expectation that he's going to be. Ah, pretty all star. I mean, he was, you know, I see him on. On Twitter cm on Instagram and he be hitting along home run but is usually during batting practice. You know, it wasn't something in the game, so yeah, the guy's got power. Great. Well, Are you a hitter? I mean, can you make adjustments within a game? What do you know about it? So I second generation guys dead? Vladimir Senior mean he taught everything? No. He's exactly like his dad undisciplined. He's a hack. Now His father is a Hall of Famer granted, but this kid has a long ways to go and the one thing that he has to do. He has to get control of his diet. He cannot eat himself out of the game because you can get away with 30 or 40 extra pounds early in your career when you're 21 years old, But you can't when you're 32. I mean, look what happened. Publish Animal I mean, he cut his career short he really has. And it's a shame because he's extremely gifted. I don't think that That Vladimir grow Junior has shown me the type of talent that published Sandoval had. And I hope the guy does. Well, I hope he maximizes his down hoping comes agree out becomes a hole just like his dad. He looks like he's a great kid. He looks like a great teammate. And he's a guy that loves the ballpark. I mean, I love that about him. In regards to his talent. I think he has not proven to us yet that he deserves the reputation that has been given a young age. Certainly be 21 years old. Battling away. Problem is there is a red flag, you know, comes to mind also, Mike is ah, here. We're going to all these heavy guy. Prince fielder didn't his career. I had a neck injury. I know, but Didn't There's another theory that he thought that he fought the battle of the belt for a while, Um do you think backto like Bob Horner was kind of chunky or my misremembering there? I don't remember. No, no, I think because his career short too. I mean, he wanted pin in Japan were on me, and that was a tough out for me. I think Bob Warner is the quickest middle in hitter I ever saw. I tried to jam him in in Chicago when Dad threw a ball that was off the plate to see movement running on his hands and good nineties, and it almost hits him. And his balls shove all part of the ball park And I thought, my God, what? So he comes up the next time and I'm gonna I'm gonna flip this guy. I'm knocked him down. And I threw a ball right at his shoulder. You know, he did. He did out of the ballpark, and I said, that's it for me. I'm away and then my whole career I was a tough battle. And I don't think he ever maximized his town. I think he himself out of game Prince feel the same deal. Cut it short. You cannot carry that type of weight and play everyday Baseball is everyday. And sooner or later you're Your knees, your hips, your ankles They're gonna wear out on going to cut your career short..

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