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Thirtieth while supplies last find all sales on the whole foods market up I'm forty one ninety five point five W. S. B. I'll just read it most accurate and dependable weather forecast mostly cloudy isolated storms today rain chance this afternoon and evening at thirty percent but where the storms develop they'll be strong an isolated severe storm possible today's high eighty seven overnight into Sunday morning down to seventy hi tomorrow AT eight with isolated afternoon storms rain chance stays at thirty percent keep a thirty percent chance of storms Monday with a high of eighty eight check back often breaking news weather and traffic updates all weekend a W. S. B. at WSP radio at the players on this Monday for the latest morning news let the latest official information the pandemic moderate cases in Georgia where restrictions are being tightened cleaning up after signing diet would make the final cut with the state legislature Clark Howard's flow chart if you're thinking seriously about a new puppy and the biggest rain chance stays in her house is five day forecasts you can plan your week Monday morning at ninety five point five W. S. B. with the brand new iPhone Essy for less than a hundred Bucks at metro you rule it's the most affordable iPhone ever on the number one brand in prepaid so whether you're studying online or face your mom the iPhone as he has all you need to switch the metro get the iPhone Essy for just ninety nine ninety nine after rebate redemption and six months of service master by T. mobile cool your day and one for concessions requires for ninety validation not telephone numbers currently on the team mobile network or active on the trump restrictions apply see store for details Dave Baker host of the home fixes show here with Jeff and Roxanne Eklund from rhino shield what kind of color selection do I get when I use rhino shield red blue and yellow that's it that is it unless if it's not your wife's favorite then we.

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