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Sending teams to your Belinda California to investigate a deadly crash of a small plane assistant chief pokey Sanchez with the Orange County Fire authority says they raced to the scene, but they didn't get there in time. Well, involved residents a two story family dwelling with fire showing from all sides people were killed to take into the hospital Virginia governor Ralph North's top staffers met tonight a day after the governor refused to step down over allegations of past racist behavior demands for Virginia governor Ralph Northam to resign reaching a crescendo despite his claims that he's not either of the people featured on his own med school yearbook page dressed in black face in KKK. I was appalled that they appeared on my page. But I believe then. And now that I am not either of the people in that photo the previous governor of Virginia. Also, a democrat saying Northam has to go Zachary Kishan Richmond, an inmate who jumped out of a transport. Van in Conroe, Texas, didn't get too far police chief Jeff Christie says Cedric marks was found just a few blocks away. Located in the one thousand block of windswept hiding in the trash cans Markson, m a fighter is an accused killer less than two weeks until a new government shutdown. Both sides are dug in the president and house speaker Nancy Pelosi both set in their ways she says under no condition will there be money in the budget for wall. There's convening wall money in in the legislation, but Trump is facing opposition in congress on multiple fronts. A large group of Republican senators recently passed an amendment rebuking the president's plans to pull troops overseas fighting terrorism. ABC's Tara Palmeri with the president in Florida. The president is doing tonight. What a lot of people are. He's watching the Super Bowl that is golf club. You're listening to ABC news. Ever wonder why European seemed to speak so many languages maybe it's because they use babble the number one selling language learning in Europe. Babbel's award winning technology gets you speaking right away. Whether you're learning Spanish, French or German and best of all you'll remember what you've learned. I always thought I was bad at languages, but after using babble, I can tell you. I was just taught the wrong way using Babbel's ten to fifteen minute lessons, you can be speaking confidently in new language within weeks. I was amazed that I could start having real life conversations right away with so fast. Now, I'm speaking status. No wonder babble is the number one selling language learning app era. Trying for yourself and see why babble is the quick way to get conversational in a new language, like Spanish,.

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