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Here's your host zach gill coming from the quickenloans videos national mortgage lender quicken loans apply simply understand fully mortgage confidently hour number two of our saturday morning radio program on your logo cbs sports radio affiliate or sirius xm channel two zero six zach yelp chug receptor horowitz on the other side of the glass eight five five two on two four cbs eight five five two one two four two to seventy could always follow me on the good old cesspool of twitter at zach gelb z a c h g l and my twitter mentions yesterday just ridiculous they wrap slightly ridiculous and yesterday i was filling in for amy lawrence after hours on cbs sports radio amy was celebrating her birthday weekend so she took friday morning off and she wanted to have an extended weekend which i totally get and they asked me to fill in which was tremendous we had a good show last night a whole lot of fun and i thought it was a good program so as it was occurring the program i walked outside of the studios at about three thirty four am eastern time and as you know what are three forty five hudson street complex on the ten four we are in the same four as also the legendary sports talk radio station wfan so we have cbs sports radio in one studio and then down the hall is wfan they have to studios they have all their other shows and they have the boomer and geo studio so i know a lot of the guys on that show i know boomer size through you know as the former nfl quarterback and i see him on every single medium that is possible whether it's tv radio and boomer does a great job on westwood one does a great job on the radio program on wfan you could also watch it on the cbs sports network and it's a really good show greg janata used to host the morning show here on cbs sports radio jerry recco does play by play for rutgers basketball and he is there update anchor and then you have any desire who knows me since i came out of the womb since he is a wfan lifer and you have their producer al dukes so i've seen some of those guys and you know.

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