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Fox fox I'm really I'm taking pieces from a great piece white tiled revonda from use busters fox the anti fox if you will not exactly a hard cool coupling of conservative reaction regions in the twenty eighteen campaign quote left wing website fox hailed because of Cortez is quote a democratic socialists of America Memba wrote who is changing notions of what socialism means but she's not a socialist right Andrea she's part of the democratic socialists and she's changing what socialism means but she's not a socialist news enemy of the American people now I'm gonna get really angry I mean for me a screen shot that I pulled off the interwebs al goals into webs so I do it Chris plot train me to say that thank you Chris New York times from Twitter America may have put the first man on the moon the Soviet Union sent the first woman the first Asian man and the first black man into orbit who he is before the US would they will really hate you the New York times hates you my friend wherever you are in America what ever your gender your sexual preference or ethnic background you'll social economic clout they hate you if you love America we are celebrating the mines the physical capacity and the intestinal fortitude of everyone involved with the space program this week that fifty years ago launched men into the outer darkness on a journey that would see them land on our satellite the moon that's what every American boy go grown man and woman should be celebrating this week New York times wants to bash you over the head because the companies were better as I tweeted out in response Hey only a hundred million people killed by communism only eight million murdered and starve to death in the Ukraine only tens of millions tortured input into slave labor camps but Hey intersection novelty right these people are in Saint the Soviet Union was a bloody and I mean literally bloody dictatorship and your trying to undermine our success as a free Republic by saying world very put a woman in space before we did at what cost if the woman had gone to church on Sunday guess what would have happened to the shot but being a cosmonaut she wouldn't have been allowed to go to college you oughta felt if you would say if you owned land prior to the revolution if you were a Catholic or Protestant you paid the price in the Soviet Union what if you were homosexual deal they did tell the sections in the Soviet Union New York times care less because you made your into sectional point.

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