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In from Clayton here in just a moment you and your team service pretty wide area where as far out do you go in the triangle to people buy and sell homes we shared a is so our office is located off of Creedmoor road in Raleigh so just north of Crabtree valley I would see we go about an hour radius so we go as far as we will go to Chapel Hill Hillsborough night Dale Youngs bills Abbe land and then back down south all the way to you for example we have listings and willing tenant and juror Clayton so we are spaced out but within reason because we want to make sure that we are you know experts in your market that we can actively service you whether it's on the buy or the list side so if we go too far out for example you know I I would never take a listing at the beach first of all that home is not part of our MLS database right we can't actively market that hand and I'm just not as familiar with that area so I'll be doing a show lists right I'm right there are so many more nuances you've got to figure out most definitely and I would be doing a disservice to you you know if I take your listing or help you find him that's not within the specific area we service so you know we can be that resource no matter where you live I can find you a top real estate agent in your area to connect you with but as far as what a cool really actually services I would say about an hour radius from you know central Raleigh yeah so if you're in let's say Faye Advil or Rocky Mount and you're able to hear our show in here a radio signal sure reach out to us just know that and you will probably be pointing you toward a nother real tour in a case like that you're exactly right okay good to know again if you want to get in touch with Angie directly good time to call or shoot her a text and she can respond back to you answer some of your questions nine one nine five three eight sixty four seventy seven is that number again nine one nine five three eight sixty four seventy seven she's the owner broker in charge of a coal realty part one more question here in the mail bag it comes to us from baths and as I mentioned she's in Clayton best says we're struggling to sell our home we've been on and off the market for months and I've gone through a few different real estate agents other homes in the neighborhood or selling okay so we why aren't we I don't think we're over priced even price reductions didn't help us any thoughts on what else we can try that is really interesting that you say that you've been through you know a few agents when that a lot typically when a home is having trouble being sold a receiving offers you know it's going to boil it down to the price the location the condition or the marketing which marketing then falls back on the real estate agent you know but there is a reason why your home's not selling every home will sell at the right price point as long as it's being marketed effectively so it's really hard for me to say what else you should try without me actually walking through your home whenever I come out to your home of course I'll do a walk through give you some suggestions and feedback on what we could do differently also talk through okay how are things Hannah when you had the home listed previously this is what I'm seeing on your expired you know MLS sheet that I would do differently so I really would need to almost put my hands on it to give you some feedback and give you my opinion as far as to why your fans not selling but there's definitely a reason it just needs to be brought to light and that objection needs to be overcome but if you are thinking bad of selling your home which it sounds like you are and you want to get an idea of the value of your home we can send that to you and it's as simple as taxing.

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