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Here's planets form. Yeah, watch. Yeah. Now, there aren't a lot of missions new missions going up one. That is going up is the European Space Agency's chops mission, the characterising exoplanets satellite, and it is going to be a another planet hunter. And it's gonna join tests in finding planets orbiting bright stars relatively nearby. And so we're gonna get a rather more more planets, which is great. And and we continue to look forward to dark energy discoveries dark matter discoveries. We will not have large Hadron collider discoveries because shutdown for upgrades, and sometimes that's a good thing. Yeah. We'll I got an invite to come in check it out. So I should go. Do it. Now that it's now that it's shut down. And now, I mean, you'll get any superpowers when you go in, but you also won't die. I don't wanna run that fast to to check it out. Cool. Why were running a time one big event? And we mentioned this earlier is on July twentieth. It is the fiftieth anniversary of the Apollo eleven moon. Landings? This is the time fifty years since human beings. I set foot on the moon, and this is the hundredth anniversary of the international astronaut Michael union and the four hundred anniversary some of Kepler's laws. So stay tuned for the history as well. And one last time go by my planets at seven thirty nine studios dot com because my house is filled with worlds, and it doesn't. Have enough volume for the exit planet hunters are finding countless worlds in pamelas house. It is true. All right. We'll thanks Pamela. Here's an amazing twenty nineteen and. I can't wait to see what unfolds over the next year. And I shall see you on the other side. All right. Thank you for listening to astronomy cast, a nonprofit resource provided by the planetary sites institute.

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