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Right well what about like martial arts films where you get someone like john claude van damme or or even like internationally a film like on bach or various other types of films where it's like either a revenge martial arts film or like the raid you know stuff i don't think i don't think that there's any comedy in the rate but i think maybe another good example be john cena i mean he's a mean but he's also a wrestler he's fucking swale he's a bad ass those shorts sources sources look funny yeah that's interesting i mean i i tend to think that that we're we're afraid of authenticity and we're afraid of being too connected and so maybe the reason that you have to have that humor and that irony is because it gets too real so to speak right like it gets too much and anytime you're too violent too bad ass to whatever there has to be a break where you kind of detached for a second so maybe that's where the humor comes in because we're uncomfortable with the like excessiveness of violence we're uncomfortable with something and and so even though the writers weren't writing like this purely authentic thing even in the execution of the script they had to distance themselves by throwing in these sort of over the top elements or that in the direction had to throw in these things because it's just too much to just be fully immersed in quote unquote bad assery maybe i don't know i'm just bullshitting right now i think that's kind of what i was going for and i don't know if that's necessarily something that apply.

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