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Newsradio seven eighty in one of five point nine FM WBBM news time nine eighteen traffic and weather together on the H. is sponsored by the Berman auto express store here's Abby Ryan we are it is looks pretty good either direction a nineteen minute ride Kennedy out to the airport we do have a couple of delays there there is a crash at Ohio blocking the center lane it's mixed in and the delay from the chambered interchange North Avenue with that crash mixed in at Ohio nineteen to Montrose twenty nine to the airport in band twenty six so here downtown thirteen in the local lanes aiding the inbound express lanes inbound take from Cumberland Harlem aware extension if you're on the eastbound side watch out for delay it is heavy and just passed to the terminal five area at Bessie Coleman drive over to the south bound tristate ramp so for the Eisenhower outbound at twenty nine that are right around three ninety and I'm thirty three type from actually to the Jane Byrne interchange the outbox Stevenson player in bound to the up on set of I. fifty five southbound clear northbound looks good Ryan is clear cell as I fifty seven am the Ford thanks for Dr looking good a little so south bound to the oak street her but not bad tri state in the rest the tollways are fine northwest Indiana that's okay too traffic sponsored by Berman also expressed or the new Berman auto expressed or the expressway to buy your next used car one hundred percent online just to let you use vehicle get instant upfront pricing they'll delivered right to your doorstep with all the paperwork ready to sign the over five hundred vehicles at Berman dot com next traffic report at nine twenty eight on these radio seven ADM one of five point nine FM partly to mostly cloudy skies the rest of tonight the low twenty seven degrees against the northwest suburbs thirty four along the lake front and cloudy again tomorrow maybe a shower or two.

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