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Sixty six is the phone number hit, the one o'clock CNBC comes your way. Don't Kramer, Ernie Acosta on the other side of the glass. Of course, a big football Friday probably best football weekend in a year with the divisional rounds. Call banks will join us at eleven. It is regular weekly spot. We'll have one of the assistant general managers of the jets will be joining us today, mini meta. He'll join us about the eleven forty and we appreciate the jets given us permission to have many shine. And then we'll do a little baseball as well. With John Hayman. We'll talk about the big met signing Wayne will Manny and Bryce ever signed a contract, bro. Our you. I'm very good because as much as I'm still angry about the jet higher. Michael ownership doesn't act like a big market team. And that does frustrate me, and they should be in on guys. Like, Bryce Harper. Manny Machado goes without saying I was very pleasantly surprised yesterday. Larry because I signing. Well, it took me a while to try to make sense of it. Because he's a good baseball player. We'll start there. I know he was represented by Brodie van wagon. So people like to bring that up and sure I'm sure familiarity has a little bit to do with it. And he is thirty four years old. So it's not like he's twenty five, but he's coming off a year last year in which he was really good job in ninety nine runs at twenty three home runs had an old PS over eight hundred it really good year last year. 'cause I showing the Eastern Conference standings NBA, look who's in the seven spot. We dropped from six though, lousy say Miami. You better look at that. Pretty good. I know I love I love it the way I'm sorry. I didn't meet the jump is the biggest thing for the pistons loss. So the net right is growing. Are you go, but jed Lowrie is a good baseball player. It's a simple statement. And it's true because it's backed up by his career is a good baseball player. But jed Lowry's been a second baseman for the Oakland as he was an all star second baseman for the Oakland A's. So I started to think well, what the hell they gonna do. I mean, they side Robinson can. But I think what they're doing. And I like this is instead of settling in centerfield by signing an Adam Jones, who's probably under a decline by signing. AJ Pollock who's never healthy. They are saying let's get quality baseball players. Let's grow the versatility. And let's just go that route instead of settling in center field. And I think what this also does. And I said this year last week think gets even more. So today last week Jeff McNeil is going to be more of an outfielder. Right. And he isn't it? Center. Well, I would probably say a quarter outfield and then Conforto Nimmo play center because I doubt you're moving a guy that has very little experience in the outfield to center we've seen Conforto played center. We've seen nibble we have and you've got two guys right now who when they're not starting are very good defensive players to come off the bench in kiam Braxton and one lagaras, this is a very versatile baseball team where you can every single day there's gonna be a different lineup, and there's going to be a different defensive alignment, and it also gives you protection against Peter Alonzo not being any good because we don't know what your Alonzo. They also might might want to keep them down for the service type thing to well. I hate that. Well, I know. To deal with that. Yeah. This is a business with the Mets. You're right. A few weeks ago someone called up and asked that question to us. Instead of you worried about Lonzo not being here on opening day and my answer because of construction on the roster was he's going to be here on opening day. Now, I'm not sure exactly because they've given themselves the ability to say, all right? We're gonna play and figure out how they want to align. It let's say Larry at first base. Robbie Canoas second. I'm Ed Rosario at short Todd Frazier. Jeff McNeil third or maybe a different alignment they've given themselves that ability to play someone other than Alonzo Dom Smith at first base. So if we were ripping I was rubbing Brody that there are too many ifs on this team. He's eliminated one of the Fs. Yeah. By bringing in lower yet. Then if it doesn't work at first base negative. If you've got a guy like Lowry if Todd Frazier continues to stink like last year or can't stay healthy. You've got your Lowry. You've got Jeff McNeil. You've got two guys defensively in center field garrison Brockton who made it you don't have to rely on if McNeil's play and left, let's say and Conforto is playing center. So I really liked them. Would I prefer them sign Bryce Harper, Paul? Of course, I mean that goes without saying, but jed Lowrie is a good baseball player. And so for that standpoint. How can I be upset that they signed a good base? He's a good player. I he's thirty four twenty eight Greg. So when he's twenty nine, but I mean, still, I look I sorta move, and I was like, wow. That's a surprising move. Well, I remember a few days ago. John Hayman will join us. Well, John Heyman said the Mets are interested in Brian dosier and my first reassigned with the nationals inning ended up signing a one year deal with Washington. And my first reaction was oh, okay. Bryan. Brian dosier has less versatility than jed Lowrie. Brian only experience a second base. If the Mets would assign them they would've treated in the same way as Lowry, but he'd be learning new positions Lowry's played third. He's actually. Sure, I was very surprised she we drove in almost two hundred runs slash ninety nine. Rod a great year. There's a reason why the Oakland A's had success one of which was Chris Davis was their bullpen. Right. And another factor was jet. La. And he does it have to gold twenty three ninety nine. No, no. If he goes fifteen seventy eight. An every day be contributes to team that you know, makes the playoffs. How about that? That's that's that's what that's what I'm looking out with the Mets. I think they can make the playoffs issue. Why not why not for what they've done which I love is. They've given themselves such depth especially in the infield that if Todd Frazier. They've got the Bill Robinson can right now. The starting lineup to you right now. Batting order. But how do you see the starting lineup? Breaking right now is the catcher. Well. Yeah. Obvious obviously first basis who right now, I think right now, I lean towards one of the veterans that it wouldn't be Alonzo Dom Smith, unless Lowery could all what I don't know which way they're going to line it up like who they feel more comfortable playing first base. But I think you're looking at a four man infield of jed Lowrie Robinson can Allama Desario ratio on this Alonzo goes to camp, and tears it up any outfields McNeil Conforto in against a right handed pitcher. I'd lean that way, I'd lean that way, but again things can change so quickly if keenum Braxton's hidden. Got about him Garissa sitting. I think there's going to be a different line of every day. And it's going to drive us nuts. Sometimes because we're going to say why is he starting this guy? Right. You're going to be looking at a different configuration almost every single day. Whether it's playing the match ups, whether it's lefty righty. I would say it's who's hot. But we know that managers. They don't care about hotness. They don't look at that. But I think it protects them from Lonzo not being ready now, I hope Alonzo is ready because Peter Alonzo's got star potential, and he's young and be for the next five years, and that's great. So ideally, I'd love Peter Alonzo to go to Florida hit three fifty hit eight home runs Butch huskey style. But then unlike Butch huskey actually at the major league level and win a job. I'd say Aaron judge Aaron Jones had the winners right field job two years ago, which is odd to think about Peter Alonzo shoots only be Aaron judge compare them Darren judge, I'm just comparing two hundred Jody aspect that. He has to have a good spring training to win the job. Not that you're gonna turn to Aaron judge the baseball, right? But I think they protect themselves in case he doesn't, and I think that's to me. The most interesting storyline now going into spring training in a few months. Peter Lonzo what does he have to do to get that first base job in the guy? We forget about and I know why we forget about him is down Smith like he's also a fat. It's easy to forget about Don. Smith. The forefront of my mind Dom Smith. But if Dom Smith in spring training hits the cover off the ball who knows maybe he's getting time at first I'm not confident about him. I'm not either. But they they'd given themselves depth. That's what they've done like they're back that their backup shortstop can even be Jedi lower your ideal. Right. I've taken a few calls already saying well who their backup shortstop to yesterday? It was Louis ski or may now. For a short period of time. It's jed Lowrie now. Hopefully, they make other moves. I think it'd be great to add another arm out of the bullpen. I think it'd be great to add another arm to give themselves rotation depth. They did add Hector Santiago a few days ago, who's just got assigned to John. Yeah. Relief pitcher, that's another minor league contract. Yeah. Because if you look at his success over the last few years bouncing around the league, he is a quality left handed relievers. So now you've got to him in Zamora who could potentially make this team. I prefer Andrew Miller Miller is not New York cardinals. Right. So that's not happening. But it's another nice under the radar move. And brought he's been very active. I mean, you look at home. He's done things. Bryce, but he has done. Well, that's the separation. Right, right. I like individually what he's done. I think the Mets are a better team today than they were at the end of last year. It definitely would they've done is. They've added a lot of professional hitters to this lineup. And I love that. And I think that's great. But from an ownership perspective, they continue to be and have that mentality of being a mid to small market team. So that's always going to be frustrating. But like you said you just want to win that. And I think the Mets capable of what I do to the big question is going to be for the teams inside this division are any of these teams adding Manny Machado such as the Philadelphia Phillies are the Phillies adding Bryce Harper are the nationals retaining Bryce operating that's going to go a long way, the telling us the balance of power at least going into the season for this division. But as of right now, I think the Mets have improved more than anybody in this done a good job. I I completely agree with that. I think they really have. I'm optimistic about the Mets going into here. I really am. I got to see what the over under is this year. Maybe I'll dabble with that. You have to be determined. It's I bet you it's going to be over eighty one though. I would agree about eighty. I'll say eighty three and a half. Yeah. I think there's that's what I'm going to say for the Mets. There are a few encouraging things number one the off season. Obviously they've improved themselves. They've added a top notch closer. Ed, wendy. A bunch of professional hitters the bullpen with familiar, but I think there are a few other things that was already giving you optimism even before Brody took the job. And that was the pitching obviously at the top that we saw last year. Jacob degrom take his star to a whole 'nother level, obviously. And we saw Zack Wheeler finally. We went out in the lobby. Definitely did. And I think there's always this this optimism with Noah Syndergaard. Who'd he wasn't bad last year. He wasn't healthy to all year. But he wasn't what maybe we were like them to be what he was pretty good pitcher last you hope that he can be the Zack Wheeler from last year. Jacob degrom front last year. Sorority had that with starting pitching. And then you've got out good baseball players. And so I I liked that movie made me happy now he's gonna move. So thank you to Brodie van wagon for at least for a little bit changing the mood that I had concerning the jet head coaching. Thank you, very much change it that much. But I mean, he did a little bit. There was a glimmer a little bit of a glimmer. Yes. We'll talk more baseball later with John Heyman. We mentioned McNeish meta will join us in the eleven o'clock hour, Carl banks will talk to us. And of course, we'll preview division weekend. In the National Football League. It has been in going Roberts on a football Friday. No an ad from save money on car insurance. By bundling home.

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