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Grabbed assist like the did so i mean anyway yeah you can do all sorts of crazy things with this and the price point that we're trying to target with this is neil like we ran the numbers like two years ago we were trying to decide do we do bulldog or do we do away sis you mike review thing and we decided bulldog was near german better focus near but we ran the numbers it looked like you could do a lot of these missions of for under under about half the cost of falcon nine flight you could do to quite a bit less depending on how small you're going you dedicated launched anywhere in the solar system where you know if you're going to some oddball place that's not popular not going to mars during amores window or or the moon or geo or something like that that you can ride share then you have to buy dedicate launch and so all of a sudden falcon a great dollar per kilogram but if you want to launch a you know as the class science mission to lars your pluto or wherever you're going to be foregone over you know enough lloyd via full dog niner alice five or vulcan or something like that but with us you can do that now for like half or quarter of the price depending on how size smaller vehicle is so yeah i mean that was bit longer term needs more pieces to fill out but yeah but it's not as long term as some space projects that are talked about often it's just like very forseeable in the current environment so.

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