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What's shake shaken a fire nation jail d here and walk to episode sixty nine hundred eighty one of your fire right chat with entrepreneurs on fire seven days a week in today's featured guess is none other than the andrew warner andrew are you prepared to ignite i am so ready yes andrews the founder of mixer g in he recently launched bought academy which shows marketers how to use facebook messenger to get leads and customers to take a quick minute villa couple gaps from that in shown give us just a little glimpse your personal life you know what i was thinking about that question because any you're gonna ask me last night i was sitting on the exercise bike in my bedroom after my kids had gone to sleep after i worked at about ten to eleven o'clock on over notes to prepare for this my passion is work and talking to you and your audience and beyond that i love getting on the exercise bike and just pushing myself to the limit when i'm not doing any work now is this a pelleting bike or just normal exercise bike you know what i put my bike on a trainer so it makes my outdoor bike into a stationary bike and i use something called swift so that when i cycle on my my bicycle my character in the virtual world cycles and i just keep trying to get to the top of melenchon compete with real people in australia who are the only ones were awake at that time of day right and that's my passion that so exciting i love that competition in if you recognize his voice nations because he was passed guest episode fifty five in eleven ninety two and as you just heard this is episode sixteen eighty one three thousand or so episodes that have andrew hundred back on the show chadema something ends.

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