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Stay organized their eight hundred nine four one sean is a toll free telephone number you wanna be a part of the program and one of the things we wanna do everyone keeps saying well robert muller is a man of integrity he's a man of caesar republican in spite of the fact that he appoints the most radical big donors to the democrats to to hillary clinton and oh interestingly enough not to any republican not to donald trump and it's clear that this is a witch hunt this is a fishing expedition and with this wide mandate that was given by rod rosenstein the same rod rosenstein that signed off on the pfizer warn in one of the renewal applications he signed off on yes an application that the bulk of information was from hillary clinton's bought and paid for dossier with phony russian information with russian lies is what it is you know i say it's uncorroborated unverified a friend of mine last night said to me no it is corroborated it's the bunked it's not true and that's the whole point of it and they knew it wasn't true and they knew she paid for it and they never did anything about it anyway joining us now sarah carter is a investigative reporter she's been in the forefront of all this fox news contributor and david shown is with us criminal and civil rights attorney and one of the questions we're starting and one of the questions were starting tonight on hannity and right here on this program is who is robert muller what is his past like was excoriated by judges were withholding exco petoskey evidence and we see a similar background and robert muller as i read through your piece sarah carter yes i mean here are and i think david shown explained this very well because he was very tight much tied into the weizmann case early on with divide show who was at that time being accused of being a bad apple inside the fbi and whose involvement with his informants led to the lead to murders of numerous people so now you know you come to moeller.

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