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And natural how often that's happened if ever so it's really cool you know you can be a mom you can still play tennis and you can be great and you can be in the quarterfinals fires wimbledon and you can be a working mom it does what you choose stay at home moms is a full time job i know kids are so hard so either way you know we women are empowering each other so williams thanks place it's the chameleon giorgio the women's quarterfinals on bbc television radio along with the first of the two well cup semifinals franz against belgium the match to decide who meets england croatia in sunday's final french newspaper suara calls this a local darby between powles you even got fringe world cupwinning superstar territory on the belgian bench as assistant coach yet local dhabi's can often be feisty affairs former scottish international pat nevin has been following welcome for the bbc in russia he's on the line good morning pat how do you see it this match well it's going to be really exciting it doesn't matter if you're into the tactics of peutic statement tensions storylines glory you name it should all be there and usually get these games and they can sometimes be dumped squibb's when you build up so highly but i don't think it if your football novus ten stroking the something for your next game shebek rocket you watch meddlesomeness quarterfinal winning games present of course they are belgium outlay really a formidable attacking force yeah but then adoptable is well that's the thing that i didn't expect from and that game against brazil that was the best international game i have seen in many many years and in many many world cups there was tacking play but also there was intelligence a vote the way it was put together so i expect no exactly same similar in this game as well but there's so many brilliant place as you mentioned there and so many storylines you you talk on the beer have a look the pictures will poke versus the play against each other needed every week training is seeing with county and hazard at chelsea with lotus the broin the and it's absolutely stunning that you should get so many taught level players know each other so well you'll be against each other sometimes they cancel each other they won't be less time yes belgium's manager roberto martinez has been in the job just under two years he's big achievement has been in molding team out of a collection of outstanding individuals yeah everyone says that's really easy thing to do and it's not always easy because pessina isn't huge egos involved there as well so he's had to get them doing what he wasn't too which is as the playing the different scenarios and these different systems and of all absolutely boughten into you can tell that by the way the play and the way the react to each other and the big one is the formation kevin debris in the heat that the press conference yesterday and you could tell simply by his smells he's relaxed confident and one of the team wants to do this and believe the articles pat franz our favorite so how do you see it i mean and who might prefer to meet in the final assuming a win tomorrow against croatia that's a tough question and friends are favorites in they're my favorites to purely because of a group of players together playing a system that suits them pathways taken over oil but at all you knew exactly ho they're gonna play some things that can be a great thing to fall back on and a member if you're great players as well bobby has been maybe the star of the shula's woke up so for us as a very special player but take nothing from belgium yes probably fifty one four nine percent in favor of the phrase but no more than that thanks very much indeed racing tips then wolverhampton one forty five number six of our soviet pontefract three o'clock number five is a bella thank you rob weather cloudy but staying dry gain a little bit cooler you're listening today.

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