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Listening to daybreak Europe live on London dab digital radio at, says have a quick look at? Where the data has opened up then across these European equity markets we are? A little bit stronger this morning up by an eighth of one. Percent on the stock six hundred very modest gains being made then as, we wait for further new slow on trade essentially will we get news from Canada will they be. News from China with a, slightly longer time horizon in mind perhaps that seems to. Be the focus four. Markets at the moment so we are up by one tenth of a percent on the Footsie-100 the CAC Caroline's and the Xetra Dax both. Up by around one tenth of a percent as, well the ibex on the footsie mid both down by. Around three tenths of a percent. This is a contrast we've seen a laws in the last couple of days the contrast between the periphery of the zone and the, core. Looking at US. Futures, they are. Setting us up for a slightly stronger open up by one or. Two tenths of a percent. At the start of trade there perhaps the Asia Pacific up by two. Tenths of a percent at as We head, towards the close the, Shanghai composite down by three tenths of a percent over in. China elsewhere checking some other assets. For you the dollar is a little stronger this morning up by one tenth of a percent the pound little weaker or perhaps on some. Of our Brexit reporting down by one tenth of a percent, on slippage in the time horizons? For Blake's Brexit deal the euro is weaker by one eight of a percent? Against the US dollar checking in on the NAFTA currencies the Canadian. Dollar up by one tenth of a percent there was some reporting overnight, suggesting maybe Canada is ready to make a concession on dairy to enable a new NAFTA to succumb. To life the Mexican pesos, up by three tenths of a percent as well on. The NAFTA talks let's. Quickly check oil sixty eight forty seven where we trade down by a tenth of a percent for w t I look at the data. Then Mattis yes I'm we've just had of breaking, data coming through from Turkey where we see confidence Turkish. Economic confidence falling from ninety two. Point two last month four to eighty three point nine the Turkish lira Weakens by one point five six percent of course in Turkey they have introduced a constellation of pain in foreign currency that's the latest move that. They've made for some of the mortgages and one thing and another in the Turkish economy so again perhaps that. Is currently controlled by Steph let's talk about some of. The stocks that we're watching this morning anybody that likes to drop in the afternoon or Jameson whiskey in the evening we've had the numbers Danny burger is our stocks reported this morning Panera card good numbers and good guidance but. The stocks lower why that's right well would seem that a lot of people have been enjoying some porno in in China and India specifically Jameson whiskey really sending, a nine year streak of sales growth very interesting though that they are having a bit of a drop today shares lower by about one point. Two percent they are seeing some earnings rise ahead Of analysts. Estimates upper but perhaps. This is a situation where growth is so strong the. Question is can the company keep it up here's hasn't deeds revoked Zealand that news program Standard Chartered as well Danny. The share, price not moving well sipping a little. This morning that's right so Senator Turner previously ran into some issues. When it comes to sanction breaches and their dealings with Iran but according to. People familiar US authorities. Are weighing a criminal penalty against inner charter, and individual, employees on evidence that the, banks Iranian business might be? More extensive. Than, it emitted so that's why we're seeing some of the weakness again like you said it's very. Slight so far this morning perhaps that's because we don't know the. Full extent to this US probe and company that we wouldn't often talk about dates. Ecuadoran this is one, of the. Nordic energy companies broad church of products And, they're investing in Brazil Yeah this is I. Think this is very much so the company admitting that it's a mature a production in Norway It's declining they basically have no large oil and gas projects in their home country after. A two thousand twenty two so this looks like an attempt to, sort of keep up some of their, production though not at, home shares not reacting to much so far this morning but we'll we'll see whether investors again. Basically. Flat, so far but we'll. See whether this is enough for investors to be optimistic. About, the prospects. For Ecuador okay Danny thank you. Very much Bloomberg's Donny Berger joining us here in the London studio Top, stories and one of those at the lead and is about Brexit the UK European Union are said to have dropped the Tobin deadline for Brexit do both sides publicly say they want, an agreement wrapped up in the next seven weeks but. Bloomberg understands it's a scoop of hours behind the senior officials admit it's. Unlikely sources, tell us. They know him to finalize their divorce terms by the middle of November at the latest on trade conversations. That magistrate talks g to continue in Washington today between the US and Canada Canada's foreign. Minister has rejoined NAFTA talks as the United States has. Set a, deadline this Friday to reach a deal, to renew the pact, Christa Freeland said the US Mexico trade agreements and she is of course the foreign minister of. Canada. She, said that this agreement. Sets the stage for productive talks with Canada this.

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