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You go. Oh, what a handsome looking he goes. Yeah. He's. You look around and you realize but for racism, we all share these same similar experiences. Right. I remember put my kid in one of my kids, flew for the first time by cross country. And I remember like my heart thumping as he was getting right? Yeah. And so all these things you know, we're we all share. And then you, you see that story of those central park five and, and I know you told me to watch it and it's well done. I'm not going to push back on that. I watched like twenty five minutes of it in my heart. The whole time felt like somebody was sticking a nail in an hammering with a club. It was I can't stop watching it. And you know and, and there are, you know, great, great documentaries, and great stories like that. But like my wife can't do that, like miss watch Mississippi burning. You know, and that's like a comic version of what this thing watch is really finish watching. I can re read, I'll go read the book that it's based on, but I can't I mean these kids are just you just like you say you want to go in a hug them. You just want to know what's coming, so dumb in, in, in your neck of the woods, and San Jose. They're talking about change the name of a school. And this is not. We all know the story right from around the country. Although there are some surprising ironies city of Austin very progressive community wants to change the name of Austin. Stephen, Stephen F Austin was a divisive figure in Texas history. He wanted he didn't want a slave to be freed. And he said, when they were free, they would try to kill all the whites. He was crazy guy. But, you know, so most of what we go after when we do, this are either confederates or like in this case in the San Jose unified school district Thursday night. They did they dropped the name of Peter Burnett, who was a, a California's first governor from one of the city's oldest middle schools, and they, they instead named it after an indigenous. Innis person. Or group. I don't know this tribe. I'm sorry. I I'm going to alone middle school. Aloni Aloni, and members of this tribe of the San Francisco, Bay area, happy with this decision because apparently Vernet was not a exactly what you would call a fan of the indigenous people to the exact opposite. He, he advocated for exclusion of African Americans from California and later in his life supported the federal Chinese. Exclusion act. He this is much later when you know, when, but he wanted to his, his idea was we should exterminate native Americans, jeez. Yeah. He so he had a school named after. So I mean how far down this rabbit hole. Do we go? And I say all the freaking way. Yep. Don't stop with confederates if you're going to say that Robert E Lee can have a statue. But Thomas Jefferson, Ken. Now, I know we revere, our founding fathers we do. And we know Andrew Jackson. He was a monster. What president was our fifth president. Andrew Jackson, does that say. I'm sorry. I don't have that in front of me. He's a on on our eight four at seven checkout. On seven. vistaprint Okay. dot So com he's on our vistaprint on the now. ten dollar Bill on And Hamilton's with on a the check ten. of the roads, here's Heather He's a solo on the twenty accident. Jackson In twenty San Jose, and that's from the the whole Chilton debate auto body about traffic Harriet, desk, Tubman, is Andrew located Jackson in the center divide of was south a horrible two man. eighty before Who one put a zero price one on southbound the heads two of eighty native is heavy Americans between even eighty children five and when say you seven kill th them, street in you two would stretches get paid. eastbound to thirty-seven He is before trumps Lafi favorite president at an accident still clearing from knocked the two me over right the lanes failure. traffic So jam packed all of these from things, before all of these one men A one now. should have And their then names up to taken the north bay and just getting people word of go, an accident, you northbound know, it one is saying, north of you know seminary. what if we start finding It's out not things about, like, clear. What lanes if Martin any Luther are King, blocked as you travel Martin the Luther East King Bay has some things east for five home and him eighty around before these San days? Ramon I don't road. know if you There heard was an that accident store on that the shoulder. Traffic's heavy is from balancing Eden canyon around by one to of Fallon, his biographers. you'll pick I'm up not even and going slow to mention down again again, before but you can I go on read look at through yourself the Mont passer horrible may story still be an accident near north Flynn about. out of San Francisco northbound one zero one packed from just north of two eighty to the bay bridge. Traffic is sponsored by big O tires the team you trust this week at participating big O tires, buy three tires. Get one free on select in stock sets of four tires with. Let's say let's get rid of those names down in, you know, in, in, in the south like, you know, Jackson, you know, or like or. Robert E Lee, high school or leave Leesburg, Virginia. Or I mean it's everywhere you.

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