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At playing along with each other and they usually you're still good at moving the ball and playing Team defense. I truly do think they'll turn it around. It's just in a really weird start for them Moving to Tampa ago, and I think I'm sold on Nick nurse as well as a coach. I think he'll I'm definitely sold on Nurse. I'm definitely sold on Nurse think you'll have them ready to go every night and you know, they just paid van Fleet. I believe in the authors. I think that was such a good move and they've kept pretty much everyone from last year. I think so, I think they'll definitely turn around like you said, it's they lost they lost your soul in a box losing a bulk up. Pretty much that hurt is actually he's actually really solid. I thought he should have played more minutes last year. Yeah, but your guide Boucher he's been stepping up. I think he'll fill in that role nicely packaged in a shooting slump right now. I truly believe once they start draining somewhere threes the little turnaround start win some ballgames. We'll see that's Tommy Texas 27 reporting live from Westchester Drive wage at Tommy of anything to plug. What do you want to do? You want to hit the people with before we sign off a big slip the big slip on Instagram. We're in the process of creating the Twitter right now and we got our professional sport handicapper given out the winds. It's perfect time for Hoops gambling get on it while you can the money train All Aboard. There it is. All right, Tommy wage. Deborah Ironman, thank you. Peace out. All right, we have Coach Nick here Nick. It's great to see it's been way too long. Welcome to the frame. Michael Smith show. I love your background there. Can you can you give us a quick tour? What's behind you? This is your studio? Yeah. Sure. Thank you. I redid my studio before the season started and gave me a chance to Spotlight some of the one of my sponsors which is and they have we have these really cool, you know, uh metal posters that you can hang with magnets so I can flip those out anytime I want and so I got what Steph Curry is CJ McCollum LeBron M. Ja Morant. Maybe I got a chance to drive around cuz he got hurt. I got Stanley from the office doing his dribbling expertise. It's incredible and for anybody listening and not watching it right now, Nick is up in like like the childhood dream of like having a basketball like Treehouse. Like I'm I'm privileged enough to be up there with you before like, it's it's pretty incredible your cell phone number. Right, there is like really. Can you imagine being like eight years old and being like, well, I'm going to have this little motor like it's pretty crazy, right? Oh, yeah. I mean, it's I guess it's the ultimate man cave, you know mixed with just, you know, being a film and as a studio and yeah, we're really lucky in that when I I moved into a new house now, it's been wow six years ago while we were looking for things..

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