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An eighteen wheeler allowed himself stopped under the rothe ribs themselves here this morning crews from an are telling in chamberlain were working to transfer cargo from the truck and trailer onto a second semi positioned on the south side of the viaduct southbound south pier street is closed to traffic the roof of the trailer is peel back approximately 25 feed in the trailer is collapsed in a downward direction just behind the tractors rear wheels pierre police are asking motorists to avoid south pier street as they expect the road to be black through most of the morning vehicles travelling through peer can use the highway 83 truck route to avoid the area forty one year old north dakota truckdriver gabriel helfferich was cited for a truck route violation officials from the rapid city pierre in eastern railroad were on the scene mid morning to assess any damage to the bridge although to train successfully crossed the span earlier in the day damage to the trailer is estimated at fifteen thousand dollars appear woman has arrested at multiple charges following an incident monday afternoon pierre police were called early 1900s block of kennedy drive around three forty p m to conduct a welfare check unto small children possibly in the care of an intoxicating perent pierre police captain jason john says officers made contact with the individual reported to police as she was driving into an apartment parking lot and approached the vehicle to conduct a welfare check officers observed two young children in the vehicle and signs the driver of the car had been drinking alcohol as officers continue their investigation the female driver became upset and began to swing in an officer police identified the driver is thirty two year old cynthia pick near pick mirrors face charges of second offence driving while intoxicated simple assault against law enforcement resisting arrest and abuse and neglect of a child picker was transported to the hughes county jail jones says a safety plan was developed for followup care of the children of era health is donating one million dollars to mount marty collagen yanked in to help upgrade the.

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