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Yeah so Indorama when i get but olympic sport indorama several and bones yego not dc on physique. Got biddle normal. Melinda's personas get the in in this capacity as fifty gus within Us his ecological villanova's necessarily ben amish businesses. Ethan when special needs trust podcast. He stunned receiving load of beneficial because no kid imprinted. That s sec. Negra and thoughts. His voice i his necessarily plan yard But i supplement died loss benefits because also scan knock over and nocona not he and thumbs assessing portland diplomat Will get you though schizophrenia the restaurants. Be politest deborah zone for gases Tournament in ocasio Record low echo. Mackenzie seat that you. That's person that cemented on. So i was just saying was that I practice in the area of of the different types of conservative ships senate previously described A lot of the families especially in the latino community feel that they don't need to plan they don't need a trust you don't need a will and so what happens is that they come come about and they They leave their affairs unorganized and so if they become sick or they pass away their loved. Ones didn't have to take the burden of figuring things out where my passwords. How do i pay her cell phone. How do i pull his that account. How do i fix. How do i pay the rent. How do i pay the mortgage. Why because the the family the person that that didn't plan a trust or will Left pretty much nothing and so when that happens and the the people who survived that person or maybe the person became ill especially nowadays with cova. If you're in the hospital who's who's going to take care of your bills. You need a power of attorney. You need a healthcare directive. You need a trust or will depending on what you have so it doesn't matter if you're rich or not. A lot of people think that having a trust and his for the the wealthy. But it's really not if you own a house if you're making payments on a house you need to have addressed because your house will go into probate an. It's a lot more costly for your family members. It's a loss marcotte..

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