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You. Yes. Long the low game. Let me see who we had in the building and we have their Jackson here. Hey, good morning gene Veneta. George Henry is in the building. WHAT'S UP ANNETTA? Linda Net net Zorana was here Halen net good morning Robin Andrews Hey beautiful. How are you? Diane Hoh always had a Diane Hall is in the Building Good Morning Diane. Joe Berta is here hey. Come on in the Sean Hayes Jones is here Hello Sean. Thank you for calling. We appreciate you but Nelson's thrown in the building hager own. Saw Me Kaya farmer is here hello. Down in in the building good morning Chirac. Hey. What I said Hello Hey. Mark. Mr One emoji Johnson is. Halo. Thomas King is in the building Good Morning Thomas King. How're are you? Audrey Johnson is here, good morning. Audrey, how are you this morning? Yoga is here. Hey. Hey. How how're you go moan and? dray Shar is here Hello Gerais Good morning to you divert mathis in the building good morning to burn..

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