Stephen Bannon, David Horowitz, Berkeley discussed on Background Briefing


Overwhelming presence here i think allowed that although clearly never people were scare well it's pretty clear that breitbart day you not bliss and stephen bannon and david horowitz in and these right wing provocatus choose from berkeley for the obvious reason that is sort of a liberal bastion and of course they've costing university californiaberkeley an awful lot of money and you said the uc system michael universities public universities is strap tissue mention but on your campus norman goda professor of the caucus studies at the centre for jewish studies and pull ortiz the director of the semi a proxy propped up all history program also at university florida gainesville they have made the point that the reason why span said than american nazi chose you'll campus was simply because there are a number of of jewish and latino students so that seems to be proof not that we really need it that all of this what this is all about is provoking trouble publicity by insulting minority groups and being in their face and that's that's the imo and i don't know how how can we police this going forward in terms of of the first amendment sir i don't i mean i don't think force know that there is an answer to that question uh y y you out of the first amendment anti generally a very good thing uh one of a kind of the collateral damage to the first amendment is that uh we have to tolerate intolerance each of all their some certainly isn't that a provocateurs the button pusher uh white you as you can chefs have a large jewish population the well here on campus the jewish student organization has a larger countries uh alerts uh latin population latino population harris well obviously without for a uh so i guess i i think she disease university strategically ups he'd already shows omission can state filed a lawsuit a michigan state uh pennsylvania state university the largest uh public university more on that pennsylvania uh had denied him access so he might coupon state uh you know apiculture speaking tour uh and again i don't think they're very on service uh but a part of it is either giving knock it any of the satisfaction of disrupting normal activities that comes at huge cost but the law enforcement presence but up no i don't again i don't think there's more sharp fortunately on this case i really wish there or.

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