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And give us a a quick understanding because for people who don't understand the islam founded by the prophet muhammad but what so that century i would say on he is attributed to being the founder of if fan however islam is considered for muslims to be a continuation of those deemed or religions that came before which would be christianity and i judaism and and as a combination or ero robust fulfillment of there was fairly tense and i just wanted to also say on sort of the difference between muslim and islamic jordan of see the reason why i am i like to identify myself or this describe myself so muslim is wine hugh and you can say submits or is born into the religion of islam are choose these converts to islam so one who has submitted but islamic is used is a term and it did descript dirt and muslims use it as a good term so we would say that ma on stood tall yvonne are muslims but selling poppy seeds is not an islamic deed it's not a good deed they'll i'd like to just make that difference because as we go on and our conversation we're going to be talking about different countries and different people in different movements with his that'd be new do not not like the term islamic no it means i just wanna use it appropriately on and for muslims we use it as a good descript are okay so when you hear let's say someone refer to islamic terrorist who are theoretically acting in the name of the religion which i assume each of you reject absent okay okay on the unequivocally and i assume that this these are people giving the religion to which you subscribe a bad name harangued name so so lemme who a sort of pitted from that comment meriem i want my audience to hear from you folks when you see the event of last saturday night london all you see the manchester bombing i'm catholic so i watched the ira function for many years in england so uh than i recoiled in horror at some of the things to be done in in the name of catholicism okay the ira your reaction you're watching television i don't.

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