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I'm Becky Lynn. And Here's our top story. The Phoenix Suns run to the championship. Well, the Heat is rising in downtown Phoenix. And so are the sons. We have by 20 the whole game? Yeah, if not win by 20, even though he is live outside of Phoenix Suns Arena. Keita Ers Peter say more is managing to cool off Peter. How are you doing that? Well, believe it or not, Becky, I'm standing in front of a typhoon cooler. More on that In a moment. The line to get into the arena stretches from the front door to the distant corner of the Plaza 90 minutes before tip off is when fans finally start to get in. And sons fans like this one. He was trying to stay cool tool. He wants a strong performance from the Sun Center. I would love to see and step it up because he has the most pressure on his hand. He's the number one value pick DeAndre in. You know, he's right there. If you look behind us, he's on that picture, so we would like to see him step up up. And Eaton's backup plays out Chris Paul Devin Booker, other players. Three others actually finished with double digits and scoring in Game one. Look for more of that in Game two, and if they can keep up their speed against the bucks, they should be able to outrun them again. By the way, this typhoon cooler is a truck that's blowing out, uh, cold water. Actually, it's kind of a Mr Here. And Valley groups have been playing halftime during the playoffs. Lots of their music. And tonight will be no exception. Jimmy Eat World of Mesa will sing again tonight They'll be in the middle of it all live outside Phoenix Suns Arena, Peter. Same or Katie Air News. All right, thanks. Peter will stay close to that typhoon cooler, everybody If you're heading down that way. Sounds like the way to get cool for you Get on inside his starting next Thursday, many Arizona families will get up to $300. Per child per month via mail or direct deposit through the end of the year. This is thanks to the American rescue plan that was signed into law in March, expanding.

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