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Tuesday's primary voting has left some Republican candidates in good positions the aim says GOP officials to retake lost congressional seats in November's general election and gain some state offices I think that you're in California that definitely thirteen eighteen incredible degree of error against an over reach by California Democrats to secure woman of the California Republican Party Jessica Patterson people know that one party rule isn't good for anybody source will have to wait till November to see whether the California Republican Party gets what it is hoping for Charles Feldman can extend seventy newsradio lots more on this story on our KNX indepth podcast just download the free radio dot com app onto your smartphone looks like prop thirteen that being the statewide school bond measure will be soundly defeated it'll mark the first time since nineteen ninety four but voters have rejected a statewide bond measure for schools this one was asking for fifteen billion dollars for a pair is in construction projects public policy institute president Mike all mark ball the sorry tells Celtic supporters felt it had a great chance to pass because many voters were democratic and liberal leaning for this primary and that there there was a good economy and one thing that's been shifting obviously in recent days has banned the the economy he says when people are nervous about the economy they get worried about taking on debt themselves and worry about settling fellow taxpayers with more debt an investigation by the ACLU found that a lot of school districts in southern California are taking funds meant to help high need students and diverting that money to school police and security measures the study began with some students and promoter found that their school district was trying to spend millions of dollars intended for high needs students on law enforcement and security instead Victor Lee young is the deputy litigation director for the ACLU of southern California we look at district a hundred thirty six districts across three counties in southern California and found forty percent of districts are spending a legally spending on select for high needs students online course another hardening measures contends that under the law districts cannot do that they must spend the money on the high need kids like foster youth English learners and low income students the communities themselves really needs holder districts are kind of looking to participate in these cars a good process easy tells K. and acts the promoter students were able to convince their school district to add more counselors any notes that many of the districts were sorely lacking in counselors social workers psychologists and school nurses John bear KNX turns seventy newsradio high school counselor in riverside's under arrest accused of downloading and distributing child **** online and for putting a hidden camera in the boy's restroom the whole thing started when Fontana police got a tip about Matthew Johnson Fontana police officer Daniel Romero says investigators went to Johnson's home seized his computer and discovered he worked at Lussier academy they secured a search warrant for the school went out to last year a school in the city of riverside and serve our search warrant their school says it's horrified and shocked in there making crisis counselors available no word if images of any students were distributed online we're taking the bad commutes again at six forty five including the.

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