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Interesting. I'm sure we'll get to his book at some point but so much about leadership so many things that we hit we cover we see it from a different angle. Makes you better makes me better? Makes me better? Every time I get to the opportunity to think through these things in and of course the best way to train leaders is to make sure that we are being good leaders ourselves setting good example the best example that we can staying on the path you might say so since we are looking to stay on the PAF anything recommend Echo Charles for that conduct we do. WanNa keep ourselves capable improve the skills increase the skills one skill being jujitsu juice important skill to increase maintain our capability. Jujitsu. One of 'em keep working out if you're not working out workout. The week buddy is incapable body in a matter. Speaking kind that is true. You definitely want to be as strong as you can different for. Everybody use realistic. Bonnie be the be the best shape that you can be in. That's good advice. Can't really be denied. Be So when we're doing do we need a? We Need Rash. Guards get origin ghee. 'cause they're the best one hundred percent factually d'amerique in America. You know okay. Got Blown that off now made America's not a big deal anymore. Oh America bigger deal than ever. I think Americans supply chain. Yeah what's going on? So what raking sure can seem to me like you. Were just getting getting ready to move on without saying okay. I understand your feedback. Thank you America. Deal huge deal. It's it was a big deal prior to the fire service. Now it's even bigger deal American supply chain if we're not. We're not begging and pleading for stuff to get shipped overseas have. It's made in America all of it so and by the way it's not just jujitsu either jeans. You probably need jeans. Does everyone in the world. The entire world where jeans yes. Every single person in the entire world needs jeans has jeans one genes that are made in America. Why not get the best and most comfortable jeans ever made? That's my question yet. No reason why not Saw Good orgeon main. The state main origin main DOT com. And get all this stuff. Okay so all this stuff and I'm talking about like Jaakko. So eloquently put. It is made in America from the beginnings of the of the materials. 'cause one thing to be like. Hey Yeah I you know switch to the tag out here up in you know. Long Beach and so's made here. Technically you know and hey look mad at that. That's cool but some people are right. Wrong stink corrected for sure but on the fiber the cotton is grown in America that has made in America so these things are made in America so like we said Jeans American Denim of things. Joggers sweatsuits various apparel clothing. Items boots so origin boots have like a more of like A. I don't WanNa see mystique but you know when you're like when you kind of see the origin boots that kind of have a Gravitas to them more so then there's a little something about him. Yeah you know how Omar Bradley said that. Some people don't have it. We say that certain items in the world also have boots have it. That is the perfect way to put it. Yes yes sir. So get some boots with it. Yes also Jaakko fuel okay so I was talking about staying healthy sting capable all this stuff. Like hey man. Supplementation is part of that. That whole deal so overton very important. You won't know how important it isn't the joint. Start giving them joint. Start quitting workouts when your elbows are all sore? When you're China you know. Get under the bench and stuff. Yeah just it's no good warfare. Krill OIL SUPRA KRILL oil discipline and discipline. Go we got the ready to drink. How you're drinking lemon lime today. Yeah citrus psycho. Yeah I had the tropic thunder one earlier when you're to depose a mock by the way if if you're human and let's say you you are doing any kind of activity. You need protein. Yes might as well get protein that is clean and that just straight up tastes like dessert. Dave Burke good deal yeah worried that maybe it was a weakness night to have strawberry mock men that was very technical scenario about so. I can see it's a week you know what I evaluated it as back into the whole thing. We're used to be like. Hey Jaakko if you're so into the way your supplements taste. Maybe that's a weakness right to the same thing concept. Yes I I still think you're wrong well at the end of the day if your results driven Oh yeah there's like weakness no you won't be able to recognize any weakness in the scenario so let it go because at the end of the day you win hundred percent you're correct matcher but if we want go tech all your intention is somethin' seeing them saying this is good Dave look. This is the thing that we need to just continue. Try and clarify for everyone if you have a mock late at night. You're not that hungry but you want to taste something delicious so you mix one up. It's eleven o'clock at night. Let's face it. That's a questionable activity but at the same time you're literally providing your your body with the fuel that it needs to be strong so it's it's it's a real thing this is a real real wins calling it a win. Yesterday I agree so get on. Get on that we need to do. I need to make a mock milk. That tastes like crap right for the mental to this. Just to get a double dose of disciplined. You'll get strong and you'll get mentally tougher because you'll be drinking something that tastes like kerosene if no don't do that do that the check so anyway. Yes malk protein form of a desert all four it hundred percent daca white t also you want something a little bit lighter organic refreshing if you drink it as ice t the thing that people really like about Jaakko. It's at it allows you to to dead lift eight thousand pounds by the way. That's double blind placebo. Tested with ninety four person. Control Group. You Yeah so get that. And all these supplement items can be found at the vitamin SHOPPE. So you don't have to order it by mail you can go and get it from the vitamin Shoppe if you need it. If you have an emergency situation yeah you need it right now? All now dig it. Also if you want to show massive support demonstrate massive support for this podcast what we do go to Jaakko podcast dot COM and before free. Do Your shopping go to Jack. Podcast DOT COM. Click through one of the books on the front page or just go to the book section if you want to grab one of the books that we've reviewed on here. Click through take you to Amazon and boom. Do Your shopping there or whatever other shopping on their you want to do What that does is or what you can do is when Amazon. Save the bookmark little bookmarks tab. So anytime you do Amazon shopping boom to good way to support very good way to support. Also we have a store Jaakko as a store called. Jaakko store where you can get your apparel apparel school right. I mean the word apparently merch bells the one. I think the kids are saying that nowadays merch just I dig it anyway merge if you buy. A T shirt says disciplining freedom boom get it there. Ductless DOT COM. You WanNa see you. WanNa get a shirt. That's as good Britain across the front good. That's it you gotTa know what what that's you know. Not just saying good if you WANNA trucker's hat or regular hat or be for your head flex fit all that stuff hoodies late and heavy tank tops. All the stuff. Yes JAAKKO STORE DOT COM. You can get this cool stuff and if you are seen in the wild by me representing I will give you a head nod. Yes Boehner says it were. What is the bone if you know what? The Technical Boniface was in the military. It's like the cheesy thing where someone says it's a nice night for a walk and the other person says but it's cold in Nebraska. So it's a little like I would say to you. It's a nice night for a walk in you'd say cold in Nebraska okay cool. Hey here's what's going on. You know what I thought it was. I thought it was nice night for a walk and the other person says. Nice night for a walk. Then you say Wash Day Tomorrow. Nothing clean right than the other person says nothing clean right. What is that from Terminator? Okay Anyway. So yes all day. If I see you I'm GonNa give you the same deal. I may say that my knowledge comes from twenty years of serving the nation new. The military and knowledge comes from Terminator two well one but yesterday to as well so I guess basically we both have the same knowledge. Yeah same thing. Same yes and also subscribe. If you haven't already on all the podcasting places wherever you listen to podcasts subscribe you know. It's a school. Yeah speaking of this podcast. We also have other podcasts. One of them were having some technical difficulties right now. We had a prompt cast. That was previously called the thread. There's already an existing podcast called the thread which I didn't know about because I just didn't really pay attention to it and so we're changing the name of ours. Just don't know what it's GonNa be called yet. We'll put it up there shortly so if you missing the thread that's where it's at it's gone for now it'll be back. We'll put up. All the episodes will change whatever. We're gotta change so that it's differentiated from that my my boss hoops. The weird is there's all kinds of podcast called the threat or some variant of that but ours. I think I would say ours was more popular so they didn't like that and I don't want people to be confused. No Italy eliminate confusion for sure. We also have grounded. Podcast THE WAR. Your kid podcast. And speaking for your kids we got more your kids so from Irish Oaks. Ranch DOT COM. Is that stuff is killer. Sopo Live on the Jaakko store.

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