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Dollars are provided to do those security amounts for both the Republican convention I am a Democrat convention every time they have it set this money is already appropriated the convention is scheduled for late August but Lesko says the RNC would need to have the arena for the entire month the owner of this apple watch has taken a hard fall and is not responding that's what Chandler police nine one one dispatchers heard after a man's apple watch detected he had fallen and was unresponsive he would never have been able to provide education or any information on what was going on he wasn't even aware that any help with coming into we were already there dispatch supervisor Adrianna Casio says this is the second call they've had from an apple watch KTAR news time is eight oh seven did your dad is in the valley Chevy dealers traffic center and telling us so far so good on the freeways this hour about a couple of problems on the surface streets right yeah and it's only been a few at a time and right now I don't want to shake anybody up and down that southeast valley two different service three racks that aren't all that far from one another one at alma school and Warner the other a rollover crash your great road just west of the one on one price view like the sides that both of those north and southbound Dobson is a good call so is the one oh one north and southbound and east and westbound Chandler Boulevard Elliott those are the ones that you pour with no problems reported on either of those would you have closures in the downtown of Jefferson street and Washington both from First Avenue to Seventh Avenue but easy enough to get around van Beuren Buckeye seventh street or even nineteen th Avenue do the body good this report brought to you by Connecticut healthy water is essential so Connecticut remains open fully able to assist you during this time six oh two nine one oh sixty five seventy.

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